The Good and Bad of the 2015 Offseason (So Far): Metropolitan Division

Cam Lewis
August 08 2015 10:00AM

Is it the start of the NHL season yet? No, it still isn't. It's only August. We still have two months to go until hockey starts again. Until then, all we can do is sit here and speculate what's going to happen, which teams are going to break out, which signings were worth it, which weren't, etc. You know, all the fun stuff. We can also take a look at what each team has done so far this summer, whether it was good or bad and whether they can still do anything else before the season finally begins. I'm noticing a trend this summer. I'm not quite sure if its an anomaly because of the cap ceiling being lower than expected, but the NHL is truly becoming a draft a develop league, as star players simply don't make it to free agency. The Metro Division is a perfect example of this phenomenon. 

I've taken a look at the good and bad of the Pacific and Central Divisions so far, so after the jump, I'll break down what's happened in the Metropolitan Division this summer. 

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Is Anton Lander a long-term fit for the Edmonton Oilers?

Jonathan Willis
August 08 2015 08:00AM


Anton Lander surprised a lot of people with an exceptional performance in the NHL in the second half of 2014-15, a performance which earned him a two-year contract extension and likely saved his major-league career.

It may not be enough to keep him with the Oilers, though, because he faces two significant obstacles. First, he needs to show that last year wasn’t a fluke, and second he needs to carve out a niche on a team that has three young skaters with impeccable draft pedigree vying for minutes at centre.

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August 07 2015 04:30PM

Last week I told you that we would be doing weekly video countdowns based on your votes. This week we continue our new tradition with the Top 5 most hated players in the NHL.

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August 07 2015 02:00PM


Over the past week I've been collecting entries for the August Meme Contest. As always, Nation citizens are hilarious and always step up to the plate in terms of creativity and general awesomeness. The meme contest was no different. 

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August 07 2015 11:37AM

**The fourth post in an ongoing series - Lowetide re-lives the 2003-04 Oilers season **

The 2003-04 season was a disappointment for the Edmonton Oilers. They were in 12th place on February 1, a full 10 points out of the playoffs before charging hard and missing the postseason by an eyelash. The real pain for Oilers fans came in the success of the Calgary Flames, who came close to winning it all in wildly different seasons for Alberta's teams.

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