Andrei Loktionov: Offers apparently on the table, but no decision yet

Jonathan Willis
August 28 2014 07:30AM

Andrei Loktionov

There aren’t many NHL centres of note still available in free agency. Michal Handzus is out there; Scott Gomez will apparently be going to the New Jersey Devils camp on a tryout basis.

The best of this uncertain lot is probably Andrei Loktionov, a 24-year-old veteran of 150-odd NHL games. Apparently he has offers, but hasn’t decided yet what he’s going to do.

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August 27 2014 03:46PM

ference common

There are rumors all over the hockey world about expansion, and as a certified 'draft nerd' I took this opportunity to submit Edmonton's protected list. These are always tricky, because a bunch of players aren't eligible and of course free agents don't need protection. It's fun all the same, and here's my list.

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Martin Gernat, training camp surprise?

Jonathan Willis
August 27 2014 01:46PM

Gernat, Martin

Training camp surprises are difficult to predict – “surprise” by definition requiring something unexpected.

But they tend to have some things in common, and Martin Gernat is a guy with some of the ingredients.

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NHL Expanding by four teams?!? Maybe, apparently.

Steve Dangle
August 27 2014 08:17AM

I knew something was up when we recorded a new podcast last night and there was no major NHL news to report. Usually when that happens something goes kablooey the second we upload it. Low and behold, apparently the NHL is close to expanding by four teams, including another one in Toronto, by 2017.

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Photoshop Contest - Oil Changed

August 26 2014 10:17AM


Has it actually been 3 months since we've had a photoshop contest? Well then that is something we shall have to remedy, isn't it?  As such, I've dug around in Wanye's desk, raided the Nation warehouse, begged a few sponsors, gathered some goodies, and we're all set to go.  With the prizes set, and an idea in mind, the rest will be up to you. Ladies and gentlemen, it's photoshop contest time.

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