Baggedmilk Investigates: News, Notes, and Bye Week Rumblings

February 07 2017 06:30PM


Is there anything quite like an off week to slow down the Oilers news pipeline? Unfortunately, we still need something to talk about and that means I had to put on my detective hat and scour the Internet to see what I could find. As a result, I've spent the day scouring the Internet to find any news, notes, or rumours that I could put together. The result? A collection of Oilers randomness for us all to argue about.

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It's time for the Oilers to play Laurent Brossoit

Jonathan Willis
February 07 2017 04:29PM


Once the Edmonton Oilers get out of their current five-day break, they’re going to need a backup goaltender, which means that it’s time for the club to put some faith in long-time prospect Laurent Brossoit. As much as there's risk in trusting a rookie, Brossoit is as likely to get the job done as almost any of the trade candidates the Oilers could pick up.  

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Robin Brownlee
February 07 2017 11:00AM

Years before I arrived in Alberta late in 1989, I remember thinking while watching Dave Semenko pummel anybody who even looked at Wayne Gretzky wrong, “Man, that dude is big and tough and mean.” When we eventually met, up on the catwalk at Northlands Coliseum in a corner where smokers gathered, I remember thinking the same thing. “You can’t smoke up here,” Semenko said straight-faced as I lit up. I was just about to stub it out and go wipe my ass when he laughed and took a drag of his smoke.

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#NationDubs - Episode 1

Nation World HQ
February 07 2017 07:00AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 1.06.29 PM

The pulse of hockey introduces the first episode of NationDubs.

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Robin Brownlee
February 06 2017 12:41PM

There is at least one dangerous play that has no place in the game of hockey. It’s a sneaky, cowardly cheap shot that injures players and can end a career. It has absolutely nothing to do with playing tough, gritty hockey. The sooner the NHL figures that out and does something to eliminate it, the better.

It’s the slewfoot, and unless my eyes are fooling me I’ve seen more of them this season than I remember noticing in any other season I can recall. The latest came in the first period of Sunday’s game between the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre when serial slew-footer Andrew Shaw of the Habs kicked Connor McDavid’s left skate out from under him. It’s here.

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