Jason Gregor
March 24 2014 01:56PM


On January 27th, 2009 the Oilers got crushed at home 10-2 by Buffalo. It was considered the lowest of low points for the Oilers. But then the 2010 season happened, followed by the 2011 campaign, the 2012 season and then this past Saturday the 29th place Oilers got humiliated 8-1 by the 26th place Calgary Flames. Many said it was the low point for a once proud and successful franchise.

We've learned that things can get better, however, they can also get worse.

The Oilers organization is broken, on and off the ice, and it needs fixing.

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RX2 Update & the First Lady at Soup Sisters

March 24 2014 12:28PM

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Let the traffic problems begin!

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Robin Brownlee
March 23 2014 08:15PM

Lowe, Kevin2

There's a sizeable and growing segment of Edmonton Oiler fans who believe their team's plummet to rock bottom these past eight seasons begins at the top. I have a difficult time disagreeing with them.

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March 23 2014 04:03PM

nurse common

Canada's junior teams are beginning their playoffs this weekend, with championships in the WHL, OHL and QMJHL at stake, plus a chance to play for the Memorial Cup in May. The Oilers have several kids playing and early results are very good.

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March 22 2014 11:08PM


As an Oiler fan, I can give you chapter and verse about low points in organization history. The quick exit in 1983 was nothing—we knew the Oilers would be back. The Pronger trade request was a bad damn day, I suspect you remember it. Tonight? Losing like this to the current edition of the Calgary Flames? Come on.

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