The All-Time Oilers Roster

August 05 2015 11:58AM

Over the past week I locked the Nation writers in a room to battle and argue over who would make the all time Oilers roster. What is an all time roster? We're talking about the absolute best 23 players that the Oilers have to provide. We argued. We slapped. We struggled to find the wifi password. Finally, after days of debate we put our votes to paper and came up with a list of the best Oilers team imaginable. Will you agree? Probably not. Neither did we.

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WWYDW: Training Camp Invites

Jonathan Willis
August 05 2015 08:00AM

Peter Chiarelli3

If the stunning boredom that is the NHL’s free agent market is any indication, the Edmonton Oilers (and the vast majority of other major-league teams, too) are pretty much done their summer shopping. That’s bad news for a pile of decent second-tier free agents, who may have to rely on training camp invites to find work.

This week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday asks whether the Oilers should invite some established players to training camp, and if so which ones?

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The Good and Bad of the 2015 Offseason (So Far): Central Division

Cam Lewis
August 04 2015 06:13PM

Is it the start of the season yet? No, it isn't. In fact, it isn't even close. We still have over two months to go until the puck drops on the 2015-16 NHL season, meaning there's a lot of time for teams to make moves, and there's a lot of time to sit around and think about who's had a good offseason and who hasn't. Pretty much all of the interesting free agents are off the table now that we're heading into August, but there's still a lot of time for teams to make moves and tweak their rosters. 

With that being said, after the jump I'm going to break down the good and the bad of the offseason in the Central Division (so far) and who might still be looking to make some more moves before the season starts.

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It's a Meme Contest

August 04 2015 01:00PM


When Oilers news is slow the contests are plentiful and the swag shall flow like the North Saskatchewan. I always dig the photoshop contests but we just had one and I'd like to get more of you involved. That's why it's time to meme again. What's a meme? Look up. The fine mademoiselle explains it nicely. Remember that old lady as you turn on the creative juices. I love meme contests because basically anyone can enter them - just find a meme generator and away you go. The possibilities are endless!

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Robin Brownlee
August 04 2015 10:25AM


**The second post in an ongoing series - Robin Brownlee re-lives the 2001-02 Oilers season **

The 2001-02 season really began in the summer with the trade of captain and leading scorer Doug Weight, who became yet another casualty of economics during a difficult era of tight budgets and cash calls for team ownership.

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