April 07 2016 07:25PM

slepyshev williams

The scouting report on Anton Slepyshev implied the Oilers were acquiring a pretty dynamic player, and the coaching staff in Edmonton were excited about him in the fall. It has been a tough season in North America, but is he on track as a prospect?

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The #FarewellRexallPlace Wrap Up

April 07 2016 05:30PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.41.41 PM

What started off with an afternoon in Churchill Square ended in a Canucks ass kicking and a farewell to an old barn that holds a lot of memories, and a lot of hockey history.

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Oilers sign undrafted college goalie Nick Ellis

Jonathan Willis
April 07 2016 04:21PM

The Edmonton Oilers added a goalie to their prospect system on Thursday, signing undrafted Providence Friars stopper Nick Ellis to an entry-level contract.

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Caleb Jones Signs His Entry Level Contract

April 07 2016 01:50PM

Potential (alleged) hangovers aside, the Oilers brass got some housekeeping done today as they signed Caleb Jones to a three year entry level contract. 

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Statement Game

Jonathan Willis
April 07 2016 11:33AM

Oilers arena

The phrase “statement game” gets tossed around liberally, and should be regarded with suspicion. For any team, a professional NHL season is a complicated thing, 82 games plus playoffs of ups and downs and injuries and bounces and myriad other factors that outsiders sometimes see and sometimes never hear of. Boiling all that down to a handful of character-defining moments always means losing detail and nuance, and often means lazily generalizing by a few easy-to-remember (and generally recent) events.

Because of all that, it’s worth taking this next part with a grain of salt. But Game 81 against the Vancouver Canucks certainly felt like a statement game to me.

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