Monday Mailbag - April 27th

April 27 2015 08:05AM


Another week has passed, and what a week it was! From Connor McDavid to a new management regime, this has been one of the biggest weeks in Oilers history. It feels as though the sun is permanently shining in OilersNation and it feels good. Spirits are high, and hope is in abundance - when was the last time we could say that? As always, the mailbag depends on you. If you have a question you can email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Enjoy.

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April 26 2015 05:55PM

I still can’t fathom what has happened to the Oilers in the past eight days. The draft lottery was the stuff of Oilers' fight songs in 100 years time but a total house cleaning at the top, too? I still stick to my two theories that I either died sometime on the evening of the 17th of April and this is heaven or I'm currently in a coma and this is all a dream.

Whatever the case, if my wishes keep getting granted at this rate I should be married to Natalie Portman by 2 PM next Thursday. Everyone is welcome to attend the ceremony and the nine day non-stop party afterwards.

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April 26 2015 05:35PM

oesterle ferguson 14-15

Jordan Oesterle and the Oklahoma City Barons are underway in the playoffs and so far things are going well. In our weekly look at Oilers prospects (playoffs edition) some prospects are peaking at a very good time.

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April 25 2015 07:04PM

The Edmonton Oilers as a team will experience another summer of change in 2015. Craig MacTavish had a mind to return 80% of the roster next season—and salary commitments mean massive overhaul is impossible—but the number of jobs available may increase after trades and buyouts under new GM Peter Chiarelli.

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Which Boston Bruins players might the Oilers target this offseason?

Jonathan Willis
April 25 2015 07:00AM

Peter Chiarelli2

NHL people are like people anywhere: when they find something that works they generally stick with it. It’s not uncommon to see new general managers or coaches reach back to their old organizations for talent; they know the players, know what they can do and it only makes sense to grab a known quantity rather than roll the dice on a newcomer.

We know from his time in Boston that Peter Chiarelli isn’t an exception to the rule. So which Bruins might be both a) plausibly available and b) a good fit for Edmonton?

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