July 30 2016 06:25PM

brossoit williams3

Laurent Brossoit (photo by Mark Williams) is in the mix for an NHL job this fall, as he and Jonas Gustavsson will be vying for the backup job to Cam Talbot. The AHL and ECHL nets are also in play, and with the summer's work (at this position) likely completed, let's have a look at the Oilers in goal.

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July 30 2016 01:53PM


With the signing of David Musil, Oilers fans get the sixth (and possibly) final look at a young defenseman who holds a lot of his value in the defensive end. One of the frustrating knowledge crevices of the game in terms of analytics is defensive defensemen. I am a big believer in the value of defensive defenseman, and a big believer in waiting five years before making a call on prospects. For David Musil, the five years since his draft day are in the books. Where is he? 

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Speaking Of... Tyson Barrie

Chris the Intern
July 30 2016 11:56AM

Two Speaking Of's in one week? What is this madness? Who's letting Chris write so many bad articles? What happened to them being only on Tuesdays? Why has it been raining all week in Edmonton? Also, why isn't Tyson Barrie an Oiler yet? 

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Robin Brownlee
July 30 2016 07:00AM

I’ve written about the misadventures of Boris Mironov as a member of the Edmonton Oilers a time or two, so I’m not going get too much into specifics again. You can read some of it here. What I will say, though, is it’s too bad Mironov wore out his welcome in Edmonton because he was a helluva player and a guy who everybody in the dressing room loved.

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David Musil re-signs with the Oilers

Jonathan Willis
July 29 2016 05:32PM


The Edmonton Oilers took care of their last bit of unfinished restricted free agent business on Friday, signing David Musil to a one-year contract extension.

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