Goodbye Taylor Hall

June 30 2016 02:30PM

Well my worst nightmares are coming true; the Golden Boys of the Rebuild 2.0 era are slowly being traded away, and my hopes of watching an Oilers playoff run in the near future are once again being dashed. Hopefully I'm proven VERY wrong, and Adam Larsson will be exactly what the doctor ordered, but for now I will mourn the loss of Edmonton's best player over the last 6 years. So long Taylor. Sorry things had to end this way. I will always be grateful for what you did during your time in Edmonton, and I'll miss you dearly. Good luck in New Jersey!  

See you on the other side, 


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What will Larsson bring to Oilers?

Jason Gregor
June 30 2016 12:28PM

We don't see Eastern teams very often. Even when they were a perennial Cup contender the Devils were rarely a "must-see" team. They had elite players like Martin Brodeur, smooth skating Scott Niedermayer and punishing Scott Stevens. Their style of play rarely made them a team people lined up to see.

I watched six Devils games last year. Adam Larsson won't wow you offensively, but he also won't make wow-like defensive lapses either.

Who does he play like? What are realistic expectations? Let's discuss.

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So Long Korpikoski

June 30 2016 10:09AM


According to Bob McKenzie the Oilers have placed Lauri Korpikoski on waivers for the purpose of a buy out.

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Fishing for UFAs

June 30 2016 07:00AM


When the clock strikes 10am MST on Friday morning the doors open on the UFA grocery store, and I'm wondering who you guys have at the top of your shopping list. In today's vote, I'm going to include defensemen and forwards and it will be up to you to tell me who the Oilers should be targeting. Today is the day to let your digital voice be heard so grab your manager's hat and let the GMing begin.

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Hall trade: It is based on Hope

Jason Gregor
June 29 2016 09:07PM


Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli admitted the Edmonton Oilers traded away the best player in today's Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson deal.

“That’s a fair comment, if you look at just what they’ve accomplished so far in the league,” said Chiarelli. "Larsson doesn't have the same pedigree yet, but I believe in him a lot. He moves the puck quickly. He's very smart," continued Chiarelli.

He must like him a lot to trade the league's third best left winger, behind Jamie Benn and Alex Ovechkin, and there is no denying Chiarelli took a big risk.

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