Who are we? Who are you?

March 09 2008 11:36AM


Dear OilersNation, Who the heck is “the nation?”

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Put down Stortini? Put up your dukes

Robin Brownlee
March 08 2008 02:39PM


So, you think you're tough? Sorry, meathead, that's a rhetorical question. I know the answer

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Want to see how to live your life right?

March 08 2008 02:18PM

Witness the glory that is Alexander Ovechkin's new crib in Washington.

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A Hero Retires

March 08 2008 11:56AM

(Hit play, turn it up then read.)

Brett Favre has decided to hang 'em up after a 16-year career that will be judged among the greatest in NFL history.

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Numbers game

Robin Brownlee
March 07 2008 07:52PM


"Sorry, kid, No. 99 isn't available. And don't even ask about 11, 17, 7, 3 or 31. You'll take this one and you'll like it..."

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