This is what real Oilers fans look like

March 10 2008 09:41AM

tats.jpg (click image to enlarge)

"Now hes getting a tattoo yeah,hes getting ink done. He asks for a 13 but they drew a 31.

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Rookie glory in Chi City

Robin Brownlee
March 09 2008 06:36PM

 (from The book on NHL rookies is they tend to wear down as the season goes on and the adrenaline rush of dangling in The Show and cashing pay cheques they can buy Corvettes with every two weeks subsides.

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Oilers score six times and it ain't even 5pm yet!

March 09 2008 04:19PM


Robin Brownlee earlier in the day:

"SAM SAYS: Blackhawks win 4-2.

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Never ever

March 09 2008 03:07PM


We're pumped that Robert Nilsson scored today and has a 7 game point scoring streak, but we aren't calling him "Bobby."

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Wakey, wakey

Robin Brownlee
March 09 2008 11:50AM


For a team that's historically struggled in matinees, the Edmonton Oilers probably couldn't pick a more difficult spot to roll out of the rack and get a win than the Windy City.

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