Sweet merciful tap-dancing Jebus!!

December 04 2007 11:55AM


Is that three wins in a row? Can .500 be too far behind?

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An open Letter to Scott Cullen at TSN

December 04 2007 09:39AM

For weeks now the Oilers Blogosphere has been noting that the TSN power rankings this year are, frankly, screwed. But will the OilersNation take this injustice lying down?

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Pregame speech for LA Kings vs Edmonton Oilers. Gametime: 8:30 MST

December 03 2007 02:33PM


To help the Oilers coaching staff prepare for tonight’s game, OilersNation speech writing experts have taken the liberty of writing a pre game speech.

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Movin' on up!

December 03 2007 02:27PM


Well lookee lookee! If it isn’t the TSN POWER POLL. What’s that TSN? The Oilers are no longer last place? Suck on that Calgary!!

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The worm has turned, you Calgarian ba***rds!

December 03 2007 10:13AM


Are our eyes deceiving us? Could it be that DOMINATING the Ducks this weekend has taken the Mighty Oilers to 12th place in the West? Ordinarily that would suck, but look who's in 13th!

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