The Oil sneak another one past McGeough wannabes

December 04 2007 09:58PM


Is it just me, or does there seem to be a number of McGeough protégés reffing around the league waiting to try and steal a game away from the hard working Oilers?

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Office Guy agrees: Oilers may be turning the corner

December 04 2007 02:13PM


One can always judge how the Oilers are doing by the mood around the office. There's always that one guy (or girl) functions as an Oilernometer.

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Sweet merciful tap-dancing Jebus!!

December 04 2007 11:55AM


Is that three wins in a row? Can .500 be too far behind?

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An open Letter to Scott Cullen at TSN

December 04 2007 09:39AM

For weeks now the Oilers Blogosphere has been noting that the TSN power rankings this year are, frankly, screwed. But will the OilersNation take this injustice lying down?

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Pregame speech for LA Kings vs Edmonton Oilers. Gametime: 8:30 MST

December 03 2007 02:33PM


To help the Oilers coaching staff prepare for tonight’s game, OilersNation speech writing experts have taken the liberty of writing a pre game speech.

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