Movin' on up!

December 03 2007 02:27PM


Well lookee lookee! If it isn’t the TSN POWER POLL. What’s that TSN? The Oilers are no longer last place? Suck on that Calgary!!

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The worm has turned, you Calgarian ba***rds!

December 03 2007 10:13AM


Are our eyes deceiving us? Could it be that DOMINATING the Ducks this weekend has taken the Mighty Oilers to 12th place in the West? Ordinarily that would suck, but look who's in 13th!

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Eyes of the tiger

December 02 2007 02:32PM


OilersNation, AB—Many attribute Raffi Torres’ success on the look of determination in his eye. Most others can't really put their finger on that strange stare.

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Ulcerative colitis, mulcerative shlolitis!

December 02 2007 12:49PM


It's confirmed: Fernando Pisani, the Italian Stallion, will rejoin the Oilers' line-up tonight against the Ducks tonight.

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Duck season

December 01 2007 01:17PM


It's been over a year since the Ducks have been able to win in Edmonton. Last night was no exception. Honestly, 5-1? Not even our OilersNation Optimistic Predictions System (OOPS) computer spat out that final score.

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