Money Spent: Nathan Beaulieu and Martin Marincin

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2015 02:00PM

On Saturday, news came that the Montreal Canadiens had re-signed defenceman Nathan Beaulieu to a two-year contract extension. Beaulieu, a 22-year-old defenceman, played his first semi-full season with the Habs this year and has some things in common with Edmonton Oilers’ rearguard Martin Marincin. Does his contract represent a reasonable starting point for Marincin’s next deal?

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Connor McDavid and the value of superstars

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2015 11:22AM

One of the recurring themes in the comments section here is that the Oilers need to make sure they have the necessary cap space to re-sign Connor McDavid when his contract expires. It’s a valid point; obviously if things go as the Oilers hope the team will have to juggle the contracts of several outstanding young players. However, it’s also worth remembering one of the fun little side effects of the salary cap: legitimate stars almost never get what they’re worth.

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Veterans on Expiring Contracts

Jonathan Willis
June 12 2015 06:00PM


In a league like the NHL which guarantees every contract, employing secondary players on short-term deals can have a lot of value.

Short-term deals offer flexibility. If a player struggles, a team isn’t committed long-term. If the salary cap falls, a team has room to maneuver. If a new coach is brought in, it’s easier to adjust the supporting cast to the style of game he preaches.

And every year at the trade deadline, players on expiring contracts get sent away for draft picks, the lifeblood of any organization.

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Teddy Purcell: Crossroads

Matt Henderson
June 12 2015 03:45PM

Last summer, former general manager Craig MacTavish, perhaps sensing that the Oilers were too deep at centre, traded pivot Sam Gagner for winger Teddy Purcell. Today he has one year left on his existing contract and is going to be in a dog fight to stay in the top six.

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TOP-10 UFA COUNTDOWN: #7 - Christian Ehrhoff

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 12 2015 09:00AM

This is a series counting down the top-10 pending UFAs. It will be posted across the Nation Network over the next month! Enjoy!

When Christian Ehrhoff signed a ten year contract with the Buffalo Sabres in June of 2011, a lot of people were puzzled, and a little annoyed. Why was the NHL allowing these long-term, front-loaded contracts? Why was a 28 year old signing one that he would theoretically be able to play through? Why, even with the scheme, did such a talented player take so little without testing the market, from a team he became part of just hours before?

Fast forward to today. This would theoretically be the end of year four, but the Sabres are about a year removed from buying out the middle-aged German. Not only that, but the Pittsburgh Penguins, his new team, feel inclined to go with other internal options, meaning Ehrhoff will suit up for his third team in as many years.

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