February 11 2015 07:12PM

hall commonenn

At some point we're going to need to have the conversation. How does it go? Well, it starts with one of us mentioning Taylor Hall's latest injury and then a frank discussion about how much we're going to be able to count on him in the future. It is, ladies and men, a big damn deal.

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WWYDW: One to Three New Bodies

Jonathan Willis
February 11 2015 03:37PM

Craig MacTavish6

Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish was on Oilers Now last week and he told host Bob Stauffer that there was going to be a limited amount of change in Edmonton this summer.

“There’s not going to be 10 new bodies coming in that dressing room,” he said. “There may be one or two or three new bodies.”

Our question for this week: Who should these new players be?

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Don't rest Taylor Hall

Jason Gregor
February 11 2015 12:34PM


When Taylor Hall's pressure fracture in his lower leg is healed he should not be held out of the lineup. I realize some people don't want Hall to risk further injury, but if he is deemed healthy then he should play before the end of the season.

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JSBM at the Ryan Smyth Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Nation World HQ
February 11 2015 08:00AM


Over the weekend, a crew from Nation HQ made their way to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, to cover the Ryan Smyth jersey retirement for the Moose Jaw Warriors.  This is their story...

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GDB 55.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Islanders

February 10 2015 08:04PM

If they're going to lose, you've gotta love a little ELPH. Final Score: 3-2 Islanders

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