August 01 2016 11:41AM

The Arizona Coyotes placed Antoine Vermette on waivers today for the purpose of buyout. Vermette is nearing the end of a very successful NHL career, that includes over 900 regular-season games and a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. Edmonton employed a tragic third and fourth line last season, can Vermette help?

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Monday Mailbag - Are the Oilers Done for the Summer?

August 01 2016 07:00AM


It's the long weekend edition of the Mailbag and this week's info sack is dedicated to those of you that had to work today. This Mailbag goes out to each and every one of you that was forced into to work by that tyrant you call a boss. This Mailbag is dedicated to anyone that is currently sitting at their place of work with absolutely no intention of getting anything done today. We're here for you, brothers and sisters. May the clock hands move quickly for you. 

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Oilers lose out on Barrie?

Zach Laing
July 31 2016 02:13PM

Here you have it folks, Barrie has resigned with the Avs. What does this mean for the Oilers now?

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July 31 2016 12:56PM

kassian williams 2

What a difference a year makes! We all remember the recent past in terms of entries and exits, but if we journey all the way back to training camp one year ago—the list of names is enormous. Here are the sail on and the hello lists from training camp 2015 until today. (Photo by Mark Williams)

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From Russia without love

Zach Laing
July 31 2016 09:00AM


It's the middle of summer, and news in the NHL is about as slow and uneventful as can be. None the less, small things are still happening like the Oilers loaning Bogdan Yakimov to the KHL. The Oilers have seemed to be unlucky with drafting Russians, so what's the deal with that?

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