November 29 2014 07:30AM

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Bogdan Yakimov had a strong week in Oklahoma City, and he was one of the top performers among Oilers' prospects this week. Other names who scored well across the prospect pool? Greg Chase, Tyler Vesel, Liam Coughlin and Zack Nagelvoort. The week's best performance? Probably Laurent Brossoit. Let's have a look at the week in review.

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GDB 24.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Blues

November 28 2014 08:57PM

And thus we conclude "No Win November." Final Score: 4-3 Blues in OT.

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GDB 24.0: Wake Me When It's Over

November 28 2014 12:08PM

Tonight marks the Oilers' last chance at beating a Western team before we get into the month of December.  Seriously... you can't make this stuff up. 

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November 28 2014 08:45AM

hendricks common

Matt Hendricks was hurt last night, blocking a Shea Weber shot. We don't know the extent of the injury at this time, but a Shea Weber shot can break steel so it's probably not going to be 'take two aspirins and call me in the morning' for Hendricks. With Benoit Pouliot already hurt, and David Perron on the trade block, what on earth does the Oilers depth chart at wing look like?

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The Jeanshorts Rises

November 28 2014 07:51AM

Well, it was a long and arduous journey. And it's only gotten longer and arduouser as the season has rolled along...

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