GDB 10.0: The West is best

Jason Gregor
October 29 2014 12:40PM

The majority of the best teams in the NHL are in the western conference, and if the Oilers want to become a playoff team they need to beat some western opponents. It is great that they can dominate the east, but they only play 32 games vs. the east. The other 50 games are against big, strong and experienced western conference teams. You need to compete in -- and win -- those games if you want to be a playoff team.

The Oilers aren't changing conferences, so they better learn how to compete and defeat their western foes.

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The Nation Minute

Nation World HQ
October 29 2014 09:31AM

The Nation Network brings you the Nation Minute, a rapid fire look around the network and the NHL. On tap this week, Draisaitl, Scrivens, Wideman, Vrbata, the Leafs and more.

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October 28 2014 04:24PM

To the surprise of no one, the Edmonton Oilers announced today that Leon Draisaitl is staying—for now—with the team. A long and uneven tradition that began with Sam Gagner continues unabated, as the Oilers like their forwards to take one giant leap whenever humanly possible.

It looks like GM Craig MacTavish may be looking to hedge his bets a little though, and that's good news for Oilers fans.

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Robin Brownlee
October 28 2014 02:00PM


The Edmonton Oilers have gone from losing games they probably should have won to winning games they probably should have lost in treating the faithful to a roller-coaster ride on the way to a 4-4-1 record as the Nashville Predators come calling Wednesday.

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The Oilers are a .500 team

Jason Gregor
October 28 2014 12:10PM

It is true. To quote the fiery Dennis Green, "The Oilers are who we thought they were."

I expected the Oilers to be an 82-88 point team this year, and after a slow start they have climbed back to "500". Now the challenge for them will be to hover around that mark or maybe even a bit above.

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