Auction for Kelty - We're Talkin' Posters ***UPDATED***

June 26 2014 12:12PM


On Tuesday, Wanye posted an article about a young lady named Kelty that is in need of an expensive muscle lengthening surgery in the USA. We decided that the only thing for the Nation to do was step in and try to raise as much money as we can for this brave little girl. We thought the best way for us to do that was with an auction potluck from citizens around the Nation.Today, we start the auction.

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Robin Brownlee
June 26 2014 11:12AM


"Craig MacTavish wants to be in on everything."

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June 25 2014 05:51PM

gagner common1

Darren Dreger of TSN told the nation today two things: the Oilers are "looking for a center" and "Sam Gagner's name seems to surface annually at the draft." For Sam Gagner, center, that suggests this fall is going to see at least a position change, maybe more. Question: how much trade value does 89 have?

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3 Thoughts - Nikitin, Cuba Gooding Jr, Charity Week

June 25 2014 03:07PM


For the past seven days I have literally had nothing rolling around in my head except beef jerky and jellybeans. It wasn't until yesterday where the machinery in my brain (picture a device similar to a cotton gin) started rolling around and figuring things out. This week, I give my thoughts on the Nikita Nikitin signing, Cuba Gooding Jr. at the NHL Awards, and Charity Week here at the Nation. 

As always, I welcome your thoughts and your debates.

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Realistic Expectations

Jonathan Willis
June 25 2014 11:01AM


The Edmonton Oilers, as is well-known at this point, have signed Nikita Nikitin to a two-year deal with an average annual value of $4.5 million.

The interesting thing about the signing isn’t the deal itself, which was bad but defensible. It’s what it says about the Oilers. A team with Edmonton’s defence that prioritizes Nikitin cannot realistically expect to contend for a playoff berth in 2014-15.

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