Well Done Yak, Well Done

Jason Strudwick
March 16 2014 10:18PM

Nail Yakupov

Since March 13th’s game against the Blues, as a group the Oilers have been much more engaged. Twice the Blues surrounded Taylor Hall and there were none of his Oiler teammates to be found. In my last entry I detailed the reasons this is unacceptable on any closely knit team.

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GDB Wrap Up: Oilers @ Carolina

March 16 2014 03:40PM


A power play goal? Seriously... It happened. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers.

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March 16 2014 09:03AM


One of these games, all of the frustration from this season is going to be released in one fell swoop. It'll be 9-0 or 0-9, but the build of frustration has been non-stop and the pressure is still there. Stand back, when this thing blows up it's going to be spectacular. 

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March 16 2014 08:25AM


In the last three seasons, the Edmonton Oil Kings have 50 wins each year. Incredible. That kind of domination—in any league—is outstanding. In a junior league, when turnover year over year is massive—it is worthy of special attention. The Edmonton Oil Kings are a quality junior organization, and a major producer of pro talent.

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The Matt Hendricks Career Curve

Jonathan Willis
March 15 2014 08:41PM


Matt Hendricks was a somewhat controversial addition by the Edmonton Oilers earlier this season. On the one hand, in a lot of ways he’s what the doctor ordered: tough, physical, capable of finding his way to the defensive zone without a map and compass and competent once he gets there. On the other hand, he’s also signed to a terribly risky contract for a depth player.

All of which makes his career scoring curve an interesting study.

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