March 07 2015 11:30AM

The Edmonton Oilers have been adding draft picks in 2015 for the draft this summer. Management is telling us those selections could be used to add actual NHL players but the truth is those picks may end up having so much value the club uses them on players they covet. What kind of haul could we see?

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You Have Nothing Without It

Matt Henderson
March 07 2015 09:30AM

Hockey is a team sport. It’s a 23 man roster and no single player is so good that they can single-handedly win you games. Ovechkin is one of the league’s best goal scorers and his teams have never been particularly dominant. Crosby scored 100 points as a rookie and his team wasn’t dominant until they built more around him. Drew Doughty plays almost 30 minutes a night and his team barely make the playoffs. There just isn’t one player who can make that big of a difference to your team’s ability to win every night…except your goalie.

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Nation World HQ
March 07 2015 08:00AM


It's Saturday, and that means it's time for another round table known as the Pacific War Room. What is the Pacific War Room? Each week, the heroes at the Royal Half compile the week that was with hot takes from the best and brightest bloggers from around the Pacific Division. These are those hot takes. Enjoy.

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GDB 65.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Blackhawks

March 06 2015 09:35PM

That was the most unexpectedly exciting Oilers game that I've watched in a while. Final Score: 2-1 Blackhawks in the shootout.

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GDB 65.0: Build like the Blackhawks

Jason Gregor
March 06 2015 01:48PM

There is no exact blueprint for building a championship team. The Kings, Bruins and Blackhawks have gone about it in different ways, but the Blackhawks made the playoffs once in ten years before their recent string of seven consecutive years in the postseason (I'm including this season) and winning two Stanley Cups, so their path might be most similar to the current struggles of the Oilers.

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