Robin Brownlee
July 02 2015 09:29AM


There was a meme circulating Wednesday as the free agency season opened that Pete Chiarelli has already done more to re-shape the Edmonton Oilers in five days than the previous regimes had in the previous five years. There’s some truth to that in terms of quality, if not quantity.

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Oilers sign Sekera and Letestu

Jason Gregor
July 01 2015 11:35AM

The Oilers signed 29 year old defender Andrej Sekera to a six-year deal worth $5.5/season and centre Mark Letestu to a three-year pact at $1.8 million/year.

Both look like solid signings.

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The Free Agency Live Blog

July 01 2015 08:00AM


It's the most wonderful day of the year! CANADA DAY! Hell yeah! Of course I'm taking about free agency day and how this is the most wonderful time of year... for agents mostly. For some, free agency means a massive payday whether they truly deserved it or not. For others, they will have to wait well into August before they even get their name on the dotted line. How much will the Oilers get done? How much will they spend? We shall see.

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Should the Edmonton Oilers trade Nail Yakupov?

Jonathan Willis
July 01 2015 12:01AM


It’s an interesting, unsettled time for the Oilers’ franchise as new general manager Peter Chiarelli settles in and remakes the team in his preferred image. We don’t know what that image is or who will be sacrificed in its creation, and the rumour mill to-date has been all over the map and not so reliable.

Still, it stands to reason that Nail Yakupov should probably be more unsettled than many of his teammates.

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The State Of The Defense Before Free Agency

Matt Henderson
June 30 2015 09:30PM

The Oilers had an immediate need in net. They went out and got their guy in Cam Talbot and they did it at a wonderful price. I’ll probably revisit that deal sometime soon because everything points to it being a great deal right now. However, as the Oilers head into the UFA season tomorrow there is one thing they just simply haven’t addressed: The defense.

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