Robin Brownlee
April 22 2015 12:40PM

Peter Chiarelli

There have been multiple reports in the last hour that former Boston Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli is in town and meeting with the Edmonton Oilers today. So, what are they talking about?

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Time For A New Plan

Matt Henderson
April 22 2015 11:37AM

Winning the lottery means a lot of things for this franchise that will now be buying rounds for every bingo caller for the rest of time. A few random ping pong balls in the right sequence and the entire organizational philosophy can take a 180 degree turn. A week ago we were talking about another “Developmental year”. Now there would be no greater mistake than sitting back and waiting for magic to happen on its own.

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WWYDW: What should the addition of Connor McDavid do to the Oilers’ forward lines?

Jonathan Willis
April 22 2015 07:00AM

Draft Lottery

The Edmonton Oilers’ needs at forward seemed pretty clear-cut heading into the summer. The necessary additions to remedy those needs seemed obvious, too. Then came a lucky tumble of the lottery balls and the virtual certainty that Edmonton would be adding generational talent Connor McDavid to its stable of young talent.

In one night, everything changed.

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April 21 2015 02:41PM

The draft lottery means there's a lot more focus (among Oilers fans) on Connor McDavid. We all know he's touched by God, this is a young man who was famous early on. We've seen the video, heard the words, cheered at the World Juniors. How much do we know about Connor McDavid beyond the hype?

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Report: Edmonton Oilers have reached out to Todd McLellan

Jonathan Willis
April 21 2015 11:56AM

Todd McLellan2

Todd McLellan, most recently the head coach of the San Jose Sharks, has been out of work for all of a day now. Still, as the saying goes it’s the early bird that gets the head coaching candidate with a distinguished resume, which explains why Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman passed along a report on Monday that the Edmonton Oilers had already reached out to him.

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