Bob Nicholson: It's All About What He Didn't Say

Jonathan Willis
April 20 2015 01:51PM

Nicholson, Bob

On Monday, the Edmonton Oilers unveiled former Hockey Canada head Bob Nicholson as the new CEO of the Oilers Entertainment Group. Nicholson left no room for doubt as to his authority, telling assembled media that everyone in the organization now reports to him.

Less clear was precisely what he plans to do with his new authority. 

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The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Jonathan Willis
April 20 2015 10:40AM

Craig MacTavish2

Two years into his tenure as general manager, Craig MacTavish has an uninspiring record. He’s had some good moves, some bad moves, and overall failed to significantly improve the team he inherited from fired predecessor Steve Tambellini.

On Saturday he was handed a lifeline in the form of Connor McDavid, the finest amateur prospect the NHL has seen since at least Sidney Crosby a decade ago. The stagnant team and the errors along the way aren’t going to matter, as long as he can get it right from here on out.

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Mailbag Monday - April 20th

April 20 2015 08:30AM


What a weekend! Who would have ever expected that we'd start off this week with a McDavid in our pocket? All I want to do is talk about our new toy. All I want to do is climb a building and sing our new saviour's praises from the rooftop! Unfortunately, these mailbag questions came in before the lottery BUT THEY'RE STILL GOOD - YOU'LL SEE! With that said, feel free to send all your McDavid related questions to for next week's mailbag. Until then, let's learn something together. Enjoy.

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April 19 2015 10:54PM

miller ferguson 14-155

Andrew Miller won the Barons' scoring title, posting 60 points for the team in their final season. He was one of several Edmonton prospects who had a solid week across the hockey world.

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April 19 2015 01:54PM

I am literally happier than if I had won the actual lottery.

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