June 28 2016 08:15PM

hall nuge ebs

If we had a dollar for every time one of Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Jordan Eberle has been traded in print or on air, we would all be living in houses as nice as Wanye Manor. Even this spring and early summer, rumors surrounding the trio have been rampant. Could it be that Peter Chiarelli has decided to keep these gents around—at least until the day he can make a deal that makes sense?

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Top 10 Tuesday: Oilers Draft Busts

June 28 2016 04:45PM

Last Friday night marked a draft that saw the Oilers win a little piece of the lottery without having the lottery balls actually drop in their favour. Columbus shocked everyone by taking Pierre-Luc Dubois with their third overall pick, leaving Jesse Puljujarvi (A.K.A Pool Party) to fall into the Oilers' lap. Amazing! While there's no way of knowing who the next Oilers draft bust will be, in this week's Top 10 Tuesday I plan on killing your Pool Party vibe by reminding you of the ten worst Oilers draft busts over the years. 

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Chiarelli needs to be cautious

Jason Gregor
June 28 2016 01:59PM


The NHL made a wise decision when they allowed teams to openly talk to unrestricted free agents one week prior to July 1st. We all knew teams spoke to UFAs prior to July 1st, but now it is legal and it allows teams to bring players to their city and show them around and have lengthy conversations in comfort without being worried about being caught.

The Oilers invited Milan Lucic and Jason Demers to see the sites, because they aren't "allowed" to discuss actual contracts. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

It is smart to bring them in, but Chiarelli needs to be cautious when they start discussing money and term.

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All Your Free Agents Belong to Edmonton

Jonathan Willis
June 28 2016 09:47AM

The Edmonton Oilers are going to be hosting some familiar names Tuesday: Unrestricted free agents Milan Lucic and Jason Demers are coming to visit the city.

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Robin Brownlee
June 28 2016 07:00AM

Every team needs glue guys, and Raymond Murray was as sticky as a role player can be during the two tours of duty he did with the Edmonton Oilers. Whether it meant moving up and down the line-up and filling in here or there or just keeping the guys in the room loose with his class clown act and that braying guffaw of his, Murray was your man.

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