GDB 41.0: Halfway to where?

Jason Gregor
January 06 2015 07:25PM

The Oilers did not start the season great. They were 7-19-5 in their first 31 games, which cost Dallas Eakins his job, and they are 2-3-4 with Todd Nelson/Craig MacTavish behind the bench.

They won 22.5% of their games with Dallas Eakins, and so far they have won 22.2% of their games with Nelson, however, they do have points in six of nine games (66%) under MacNelson, while only grabbing points in 12 of 31 games (39%) with Eakins.

The Oilers are playing better, but their winning % has yet to improve, although I expect it to under Nelson's direction.

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You Paid For This?

Matt Henderson
January 06 2015 04:10PM

It never fails to amaze me how many people defend Kevin Lowe or any other member of the Oilers brass. It really doesn't. They could drive a truck right through some people's front window or ruin Sunday dinner by showing up loaded and hitting on the lady of the house and still some people will call it part of the plan. But can we agree that paying money to show people how dumb you are in an ad is the wrong way to go about defending inept management?

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Adventures in Development: Leon Draisaitl

Jonathan Willis
January 06 2015 06:20AM


On Sunday, the Edmonton Oilers finally did something they should have done in October and sent 2014 third overall pick Leon Draisaitl back to junior. The late move means that the centre will hit free agency one year later than he would have if he’d spent the entire season in Edmonton, but it comes too late to preserve the first year of Draisaitl’s entry-level contract.

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World Junior Postgame: Gold Rush

Bobby Cappuccino
January 05 2015 09:41PM

Canada. Russia. Whenever these two teams meet, magic seems to follow. And boy was tonight magical - a star-studded Canadian side facing off against a very underrated Russian group with a hot goalie.

A perfectly set stage.

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Point of Attack

Matt Henderson
January 05 2015 05:00PM

One of the biggest elements missing from Edmonton's Power Play has been Offense from the blueline. It's not necessarily an inability to move the puck up the ice, but rather an inability to generate shots from the point. 

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