Bob Green talks scouting and the draft

Jason Gregor
June 11 2015 04:30PM


Bob Green was promoted to Director of Player Personnel on January 18th. He was promoted to oversee all levels of scouting, pro and amateur, within the organization. Craig MacTavish promoted him, but now Peter Chiarelli is in charge, so we caught up with Green to get his thoughts on the upcoming draft, the differences in Chiarelli's approach and more.

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June 11 2015 02:25PM

Connor McDavid as a prospect has been on the radar for a long time. Everyone knew he was special, but there's a rather large range of possible outcomes when we talk about 15-year old whiz kids. Is he good? Very good? Exceptional? Generational? The answer should always be 'too soon to know' but in McDavid's case the gathering excitement was very real, very early.

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Robin Brownlee
June 11 2015 09:00AM


Todd Nelson likely could have stayed with the Edmonton Oilers as part of Todd McLellan’s staff, but he sees himself as a head coach and that’s been enough to prompt him to leave the Oilers and familiarity behind for some uncharted waters in the AHL. I can respect that.

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5 Things: The Value of Dougie Hamilton

Ryan Lambert
June 11 2015 08:00AM

For what seems like the millionth summer in a row — but I'm sure it's more like the seventh or eighth, which is still an eternity in the NHL — the Boston Bruins are facing a cap crunch. We don't yet know what the league's ceiling is going to come to, but a reasonable assumption is that it's going to go up about $1-2 million at most. Let's be generous and say it hits $71 million, which is the outside estimate Gary Bettman keeps giving.

Read on past the jump and I'll break down what the issue is, and how the Bruins can deal with it.

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WWYDW: Dougie Hamilton and the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
June 10 2015 01:12PM

A lot has been written about Dougie Hamilton in recent days and the possibility of an NHL team giving Hamilton an offer sheet, perhaps one so rich that the Boston Bruins have no choice but to let the player go. The team most often posited as being at the other end of that offer sheet? The Edmonton Oilers.

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