The Best Defenseman in the Taylor Hall Era

May 06 2016 09:00AM



One thing that I noticed as the season moved forward was a segment of fans turning against the Oilers' core. A lot of you guys are blaming the core for the lack of success around here, and I'm not going to disagree with you (that's an article for another day), but I did want to show you another side to the story.

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May 06 2016 07:00AM


Last month we asked you, the fine citizens of The Nation, to let us know who your favourite fighter(s) of all time was. Weeks later, after running the numbers through a massive bank of supercomputers, we've tabulated the results. AND NOW WE VOTE!

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
May 06 2016 05:00AM

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Leafs and Jets win draft lottery, breaking down Mathews vs. Laine, Stamkos to Leafs more plausible now, who replaces Bob Hartley in Calgary, Benning and Canucks look for a forward at 5, picking 4th does not do the Oilers any good, all kinds of draft news, helping Fort McMurray and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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The 'Happy Anniversary Connor' Party!

May 05 2016 03:23PM

Tuxedo layout

With another season down the tubes the only thing Oilers fans really have to look forward to is summer-time shenanigans, and we can't officially start summer without a party. As if you weren't expecting us throw another draft Connor party!

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Scouting report: Demers

Jason Gregor
May 05 2016 11:54AM

Every week I will look into a player the Oilers might look at in free agency for via a trade. We all recognize their desire to improve their defence, especially the right side, so today let's look at Jason Demers.

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