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November 28 2014 07:30AM

Yakupov's usage, Oilers fire goalie coach, Canucks player grades, Pat Quinn, Flames luck, Leafs fenwick, gassing the salute, and more in this weeks Roundup.

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Edmonton Oilers defencemen whipping boy power rankings

Jonathan Willis
November 27 2014 10:43PM


Oilers fans are a diverse bunch, but they can agree on two things without any doubt:

  • They’ve suffered a lot lately.
  • When suffering, nothing feels better than irrationally scapegoating a defenceman.

With that in mind, we present the Oilers defencemen whipping boy power rankings!

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GDB 23.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Predators

November 27 2014 08:48PM

At least we got a point? Final Score: 1-0 Predators in OT.

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GDB 23.0: Avoid the stuffing...

Jason Gregor
November 27 2014 05:45PM

I've never liked stuffing. I didn't eat it as a child, and as a grown up I always politely, and quickly, pass the bowl of stuffing to the person beside me at the table. It is easy to bypass stuffing at the dinner table, but tonight it will be difficult for the Oilers to avoid another thrashing stuffing at the hands of the Nashville Predators.

The Oilers have lost seven straight games, and they must be ready from the opening puck drop or the game will be over after 20 minutes.

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November 27 2014 02:28PM


There is no question that things are horribly bad right now for the OilersNation.  Some folks are even calling it the worst time in franchise history – which seems insane given that 1) The Gretzky Trade 2) SCF 2006 G7. But when you are going through a thing, having other people tell you that thing isn’t so bad doesn’t help. It makes the thing worse. We are the joke of the league and that makes every self respecting Oilers fan irate.

Before we delve into my little analysis of Oilers ownership and whether Daryl Katz is “Count Chocula evil”, give that video I posted at the top a quick gander if you need a little morale boost. It’s by this Icelandic band I got to watch a few weeks back called FM Belfast.

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