Can the Edmonton Oilers afford to trade Sam Gagner? Can they afford not to?

Jonathan Willis
March 18 2014 10:13AM


There is no more controversial player in Edmonton than Sam Gagner. The payoff for the difficult 2006-07 season, the still-young forward was supposed to be a primary piece for the Oilers to build around at centre. Instead, nearly 500 games into his NHL career, he continues to struggle.

What should Edmonton do with him?

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Different Directions

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2014 09:06PM


Ryan Smyth and Ryan Jones have a lot in common. They share a first name, an NHL team, both play (primarily) on the wing, and are both bound for unrestricted free agency this summer. Where they differ is in the Oilers’ likely interest in retaining their respective services.

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Jason Gregor
March 17 2014 10:16AM


It is interesting how winning changes people's perception. Jonathan Toews is applauded as a great leader and is credited with leading the Hawks to two Stanley Cups in four years. It is hard to argue that, however, I notice he gets much more credit for the Hawks than his head coach, Joel Quenneville. I don't have a problem with that, because I believe the players impact the game more than a coach, but if you coach a losing team much more of the blame falls on the coach. Why?

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Well Done Yak, Well Done

Jason Strudwick
March 16 2014 10:18PM

Nail Yakupov

Since March 13th’s game against the Blues, as a group the Oilers have been much more engaged. Twice the Blues surrounded Taylor Hall and there were none of his Oiler teammates to be found. In my last entry I detailed the reasons this is unacceptable on any closely knit team.

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GDB Wrap Up: Oilers @ Carolina

March 16 2014 03:40PM


A power play goal? Seriously... It happened. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers.

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