WWYDW: Would you have any interest in Brent Seabrook?

Jonathan Willis
April 27 2016 04:00PM

Brent Seabrook

A year ago, before Brent Seabrook signed a long contract extension with the Chicago Blackhawks, he was considered a potential target for the Edmonton Oilers. With Chicago’s early playoff exit and Edmonton’s continuing need for help on the right side, this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday seemed like a good chance to ask our readers whether they would still be interested in the player.

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A Lot to Consider

Matt Henderson
April 27 2016 01:59PM


The NHL draft lottery looms large as the weekend approaches. For the first time ever the second worst team in the NHL is guaranteed only at least the fifth position in the NHL draft. Even a year ago the Oilers, who finished 29th, would be guaranteed third by virtue of the fact that only one team could leapfrog them.

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April 26 2016 09:39PM

kassian williams

Edmonton Oilers have some decisions to make on restricted free agents this spring. Based on Peter Chiarelli's own statements about what he wants his team to look like, we can probably make the call on most of them.

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Speaking Of... Captains

Chris the Intern
April 26 2016 02:50PM

As many of you know, the Oilers played the whole 2015-16 season without a captain. If you are finding this out for the first time here, well then I would like to congratulate you on digging yourself out from under the rock you've apparently been living under. This upcoming season, the Oilers COULD continue with four assistants - OR - they could be like all the other teams in the league and have a captain to lead this team to a second place wild card spot in the standings! Here are my picks for the Oilers next captain.

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The Canadian Playoff... uhhh... Lottery Party

April 26 2016 11:04AM

Have you wondered if we would give you an excuse to round up your buddies, avoid your families, and wait in anticipation of a fifth first overall pick in the last seven years? The answer? Of course we're throwing a draft lottery party. Why wouldn't we? It's kinda our thing at this point.

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