Edmonton Oilers cut virtually an entire team’s worth of players

Jonathan Willis
September 23 2014 02:47PM

Dallas Eakins 7

The Oilers made their first significant set of training camp cuts on Tuesday, and the coaching staff didn’t hold back, axing most of the team’s youngest prospects and dumping a whole pile of lower-level professionals down to Oklahoma City.

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Dark horse defenceman Brad Hunt is a man to watch in camp

Jonathan Willis
September 23 2014 08:00AM

Hunt, Brad

Brad Hunt has flown under the radar as a candidate for the Edmonton Oilers’ blue line. To a degree, that makes sense: there are a bunch of high draft picks and guys with one-way contracts in the running to make the team, and the guy who stands 5’9” and never even got drafted doesn’t stand out against that group.

But it would be a mistake to forget about him entirely, because there’s a reasonable scenario that sees him make the team.

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September 22 2014 05:30PM

If everything breaks right the Edmonton Oilers will sign Vladimir Tkachev to a contract later this week. I believe it's a quality move, a real innovation—no matter the outcome of the player's career. Why? NHL teams only have so many ways to procure useful talent, and badly need to exercise all of them. Oilers history has many players acquired in unusual ways.

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September 22 2014 03:30PM

With every single second the 2014-15 NHL season draws closer. For NHL players this means coming to camp in shape, ready for another season of heart pounding exercise. For fans of NHL teams this means coming to camp in no shape whatsoever ready for another season of heart damaging couch potatoing.

It also means it's time to pick our Goats and Stars for the year.

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Monday Musings...

Jason Gregor
September 22 2014 01:34PM


The Oilers took their CBA-mandated one day off a week today, and they will be back on the ice tomorrow in Leduc. The players will get to enjoy Dallas Eakins' on-ice beep test. "It's brutal," said a few players last week, but this year the test will be done at the end of practice not at the start, so the players are happy about that at least.

More musings....

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