Nation Network Prospect Profile #19: Luke Kunin

Mack Irwin
June 14 2016 05:00AM

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Coming in at number 19 in this year's Nation Network draft rankings is University of Wisconsin centre Luke Kunin. The Missouri native already has a very successful NCAA season under his belt after putting up 32 points in 34 games for the Badgers this year. 

Kunin has one of the most well-rounded skillsets of this draft class. He's a dangerous shooter with above-average speed, good defensive awareness, and a strong hockey IQ. His talent level isn't quite high enough to merit top-ten consideration, but he is a dangerous goal-scorer with few weak spots in his game, and could be a very good NHL player.

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June 13 2016 05:45PM


On June 13, 1979, the NHL Edmonton Oilers arrived. The NHL-WHA merger happened on that day—37 years ago today. It involved all kinds of negotiation—including keeping Wayne Gretzky in the city—and saying goodbye to the league that brought our city big league hockey.

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The North By NorthGretz Podcast - The Mark Spector Show

North By NorthGretz
June 13 2016 03:30PM


This week Sportsnet’s own Mark Spector joins the boys to talk about the Stanley Cup Finals, Justin Schultz, Gordie Howe, the entry draft, signing Milan Lucic, fancy stats and how to fix the Oilers. Then it’s another round of Ask The Idiots where all life’s mysteries are revealed! 

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Monday Musings: Buyout window, arbitration and more

Jason Gregor
June 13 2016 01:39PM

The 2015/2016 season officially ended last night after the Pittsburgh Penguins won their fourth Stanley Cup in the most recent 25 NHL campaigns, tying them with the Detroit Red Wings for the most. The New Jersey Devils and Chicago Blackhawks have three, Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings two, while the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes, Anaheim Ducks and Boston Bruins have one.

Only eight teams haven't made the Cup final since 1991; The Toronto Maple Leafs (1967 last appearance) St.Louis Blues (1970) and New York Islanders (1984), while the Minnesota Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets and Arizona Coyotes have yet to appear in a final.

The NHL's 2016/2017 season unofficially begins on Wednesday when the first of two buyout windows opens up.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins & Three Scoring Lines

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2016 12:14PM

Watching the Pittsburgh Penguins dominate the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup final had to be interesting for the managers of the Edmonton Oilers. In a lot of ways, the Pens’ roster—though obviously better—has similarities to that of the Oilers.

Like Edmonton, Pittsburgh has a relatively weak defence that needed careful management. Like Edmonton, the Penguins boast a collection of high-end scoring stars mixed with less potent depth pieces. It’s worth looking at how Pittsburgh found success with that profile of roster. It starts with how they use their forwards.

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