Time to Choose the Next Captain

Matt Henderson
July 22 2015 12:00PM

It feels like we ask this question every summer, but still I wonder who the next captain of the Edmonton Oilers is going to be. It’s exceedingly unfair to ask that question when the current captain still has two years left on his deal, is extremely devoted to the community, and doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Still, we feel compelled to ask.

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Schultz: Looking to improve

Jason Gregor
July 22 2015 07:30AM


Justin Schultz has inherited the new "whipping boy" handle. When Schultz choose Edmonton over 29 other NHL teams fans were excited about his potential. He dominated the AHL in the fall of 2012, scoring 48 points in 34 games, before the lockout ended and he scored 27 points in 48 games for the Oilers.

Expectations were high for Schultz, some of it warranted, but much of it unrealistic, especially after Craig MacTavish's ill-fated "Norris trophy potential" comment.

Schultz struggled mightily last season, and as he enters his fourth pro season many have already written him off.

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Gerry Fleming Named Condors Head Coach

Scott Zerr
July 21 2015 07:55PM

The Edmonton Oilers rounded out their minor-league affiliate coaching staffs without any big surprises.

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Todd McLellan and Enforcers

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2015 04:00PM

Todd McLellan3

Todd McLellan joins the Edmonton Oilers from a team that employed both Mike Brown and John Scott, so it’s perhaps reasonable to think that he’s a coach who places a lot of value in the enforcer role. However, prior to that he worked for a Detroit team that wouldn’t know what to do with an enforcer if one had fallen into their lap.

How does the coach use players of this type?

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July 21 2015 12:00PM

Glen Sather: "Edmonton had a rivalry with Calgary for years and we never made any deals with them. I heard they were going to pick up a Scottish player—Tony Hand—in the last pick of the draft. I knew it because our scouts had been talking to their scouts. We ended up picking him one pick ahead of Calgary just to piss them off." Source: Behind the Moves

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