Jason Gregor
March 19 2014 12:19PM

sexy eyes

Are the Edmonton Oilers improving? For months people have said the Oilers have regressed. I don't think they have improved or regressed when you look at their overall play. After a pathetic first quarter of the season the Oilers' record is now eerily similar to last season.

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Young Defencemen

Jonathan Willis
March 19 2014 11:33AM


The Edmonton Oilers have a weak blue line. In the short-term, they need to shore it up with actual NHL players, but in the long-term they need some of their prospects to step forward in a big way. How will they balance those two needs?

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GDB Wrap Up: Predators @ Oilers

March 18 2014 11:28PM

Shea Weber

Testosterone gets Shea Weber injections. He is a terrifying man. Despite his terrifyingness, he was no match for the mighty Oil. Final Score: 5-1 Oilers

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Jason Gregor
March 18 2014 01:42PM


Ten of the Oilers final 13 games are at home. If the Oilers were in the playoff hunt this would be a great schedule, but sadly that isn't the case. The Oilers are playing for pride, contracts and a roster spot in the NHL next season. The play the Predators, Sabres and Flames this week, but then they get a steady stream of the playoff teams in the Sharks, Ducks, Rangers, Ducks, Avalanche and Kings. They need to pick up some wins this week.

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Can the Edmonton Oilers afford to trade Sam Gagner? Can they afford not to?

Jonathan Willis
March 18 2014 10:13AM


There is no more controversial player in Edmonton than Sam Gagner. The payoff for the difficult 2006-07 season, the still-young forward was supposed to be a primary piece for the Oilers to build around at centre. Instead, nearly 500 games into his NHL career, he continues to struggle.

What should Edmonton do with him?

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