April 26 2016 09:39PM

kassian williams

Edmonton Oilers have some decisions to make on restricted free agents this spring. Based on Peter Chiarelli's own statements about what he wants his team to look like, we can probably make the call on most of them.

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Speaking Of... Captains

Chris the Intern
April 26 2016 02:50PM

As many of you know, the Oilers played the whole 2015-16 season without a captain. If you are finding this out for the first time here, well then I would like to congratulate you on digging yourself out from under the rock you've apparently been living under. This upcoming season, the Oilers COULD continue with four assistants - OR - they could be like all the other teams in the league and have a captain to lead this team to a second place wild card spot in the standings! Here are my picks for the Oilers next captain.

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The Canadian Playoff... uhhh... Lottery Party

April 26 2016 11:04AM

Have you wondered if we would give you an excuse to round up your buddies, avoid your families, and wait in anticipation of a fifth first overall pick in the last seven years? The answer? Of course we're throwing a draft lottery party. Why wouldn't we? It's kinda our thing at this point.

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Exploiting Cap Hell: New York Rangers Edition

Jonathan Willis
April 26 2016 07:00AM

For the second year in a row, it appears that NHL teams living close to the salary cap are in for a difficult season. We don’t have a final salary cap number yet and won’t until the NHLPA decides what it wants to do with is escalator option, but it’s reasonable to expect something between the current level of $71.4 million and a possible high of $74 million.

For a lot of teams, that means trouble. For clubs like the Edmonton Oilers, it might mean opportunity. Today’s potential target: the New York Rangers.

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April 25 2016 09:20PM

reinhart photo by mark williams

I am fairly certain the Edmonton Oilers have never worried much about how many defensive lefty's are in their lineup. During the golden years, the club had some fabulous LHD (Paul Coffey, Kevin Lowe, Charlie Huddy, Randy Gregg and Don Jackson outnumbered righty Lee Fogolin). The current group is also heavy on the lefties and there is increasing evidence showing that kind of bias is a bad idea on defense. What is this evidence? And what could it mean for this summer?

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