Oilers: No Mas

Jason Gregor
April 03 2016 07:36PM


Saturday's 5-0 drubbing by the Calgary Flames was one of the Oilers worst efforts of the past decade, and that's saying something considering the Oilers have lost 487 times since the Decade of Darkness (DOD) began.

The Oilers have 297 wins since the opening of the 2006/2007 season. You have watched an average of almost 20 more losses than wins every year for the past decade (OT/SO losses are still losses in my eyes).

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April 03 2016 02:53PM

Over the years, the Edmonton Oilers have signed college goalies—Ty Conklin made it to the NHL—and pursued college goalies—Matt O'Connor is a recent example—but the position has been filled (mostly) by trades since the Fuhr-Moog era. It looks like Peter Chiarelli is interested in going the college route again this spring, and the player in question played for Yale. The Yale connection has been a strong one for Edmonton in recent years.

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Thanks For Reminding Us

Matt Henderson
April 03 2016 12:31PM

There’s no excuse for the performance we saw last night. Instead of making a statement about the future of this club, the Oilers opted to leave the fans with a scrap-book with cut-outs of failures a decade in the making.

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GDB 80.0 Wrap Up: Flames @ Oilers

Jonathan Willis
April 02 2016 10:46PM

Well, there was certainly nothing wrong with the Edmonton Oilers season that a 5-0 loss to the Calgary Flames on national television couldn't make just a little bit worse.

This is the wrap.

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April 02 2016 11:00AM

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Saying goodbye to Rexall leaves me with mixed emotions. The best memories I have as a fan took place on that ice, the best team (I believe) in history played there. On the other hand, there are days when I feel (and I believe OilersNation feels) like poor old Stan Rogers and his journey through the Northwest Passage: Is there a payoff that makes this journey worthwhile?

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