What does a goalie coach do?

Jason Gregor
November 26 2014 12:28PM


How does a goalie coach help your team? I don't know, so I tried to find the answer.

Ron Tugnutt was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques in the 4th round of the 1986 NHL entry draft. He played in the NHL from 1988 to 2004 for Quebec, Edmonton, Anaheim, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Dallas.

He also spent time in the AHL. He has had multiple goalie coaches in his career, he has been a goalie consultant for Hockey Canada and he's been a goalie coach in the OHL.

Tugnutt shed some light on what exactly a goalie coach does.

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Introducing Matt Henderson

November 26 2014 09:35AM


From the day I started working at OilersNation I came in with the goal of trying to produce the best Oilers content on the Internetz. After realizing that I can neither write nor produce top level content, I quickly figured out that I would have to do some digging around for writers to add to our already stellar lineup.  Today, we take another step towards that goal. Today, we are proud to introduce Matt Henderson as the newest OilersNation writer. Who the hell is Matt Henderson? Let's find out.

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November 26 2014 07:30AM


Yes, this is going to be an article about charity, and therefore there will be very little complaining about the Oilers here. Just so you know.

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GDB 22.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Stars

November 25 2014 09:17PM

The mistakes... Why, Hockey Jesus, must they always end up in our net? Final Score: 3-2 Stars

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GDB 22.0: Be competitive

Jason Gregor
November 25 2014 06:01PM


A win would be nice, but for the love of Strudwick's bad sweaters can the Oilers, at the very least, be competitive tonight? 

I don't expect the Oilers to suddenly transform into a solid defensive team or a competent offence, but I'd hope they can put forth a solid effort.

It must be disheartening for them to look at the standings and realize that on November 25th they are on the brink of not even being in the playoff race, again, but now is not the time for a pity party.

Just be competitive.

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