#EPSstrong Charity T-shirt

June 09 2015 08:14PM


As I'm sure many of you know Constable Daniel Woodall was shot and killed while executing a search warrant here in Edmonton last night. Today the city tries to pick up the pieces, and I want to take a few minutes where we forget about hockey and focus on something much more important. 

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Matt Henderson
June 09 2015 04:33PM

Today, news broke that the head of NBC Sports wants to kill the tradition of the playoff beard for marketing purposes. This bearded man does not approve.

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Ottawa, Edmonton and Goaltending

Jonathan Willis
June 09 2015 01:00PM

Craig Anderson

The Ottawa Senators are looking to trade a goalie, as has been widely reported and would have been plainly obvious in any case to anyone paying even the tiniest bit of attention to the team. The Edmonton Oilers are looking to add a goalie, as has also been widely reported and would also be plainly obvious to anyone paying even the slightest attention.

What does seem to be becoming clearer is the Oilers’ likely target(s), as well as the likely cost of acquisition.

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Stanley Cup Finals Musings

Jason Strudwick
June 09 2015 11:00AM


As a player I always enjoyed analyzing the way both Stanley Cup Final teams were built. It was a good way to compare my own team to the elite squads in the league and to see how far (or close) we were to real success. There were springs where I felt my team wasn't too many pieces away. There were other springs where I just stopped the process entirely.

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The McDavid Effect: Attracting UFAs

Matt Henderson
June 09 2015 09:02AM


Call it “The McDavid Effect” -- the power of a single teenage player to turn the fortunes of the Edmonton Oilers. Is it real? We’ve seen new corporate leadership, team management, and a coaching regime all coincide with Edmonton winning the draft lottery. Will it extend into free agency?

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