May 31 2015 03:52PM

hall by ferguson

The dictionary describes 'defunct' as "no longer existing or functioning" but I think "forever is a long damn time" should be added for full effect. The Oklahoma City Barons are defunct, a memory, soon to be a distant bell. Putting five years of effort and development into a few paragraphs is impossible, so I won't even try. What I will do this week (with some help) is attempt to reflect in words and photos the impact of the Oklahoma City Barons on their city and OilersNation as a whole. We begin today with the facts.

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The lessons the Oilers should take from Justin Schultz’s development

Jonathan Willis
May 31 2015 01:45PM


Justin Schultz has emerged as a focal point for much of the wrath directed at Edmonton’s ineffective blue line. Some of that is his fault; he lacks any kind of physical edge and has specific failings, particularly in the defensive zone.

Much of it, however, is the fault of an Oilers team that has done pretty much everything wrong in terms of how it’s handled the player. It isn’t Schultz’s fault the team encouraged unrealistic expectations, it isn’t his fault the team force-fed him minutes he wasn’t prepared to handle and he certainly didn’t hold a gun to the Oilers’ collective head and force the club to overrate him and underrate Jeff Petry.

It’s too late to fix those mistakes now. It’s not too late to learn from them.

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May 30 2015 08:11PM

Among the possible matches for the Edmonton Oilers' laundry list of problems are the Ottawa Senators. A team that made the playoffs, has three good goalies, runs on a budget, and has some horrible contracts. Oh, and their GM isn't going to buy anyone out. It's too good to be true. Or is it?

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May 29 2015 05:44PM

edmonton common

In our continuing effort to bring you entertaining content in the time period that shall forever be known as "is it McDavid yet?" it is our pleasure to bring you another edition of War Games. In this episode, I play Glen Sather of the New York Rangers (similar in age) and Jonathan Willis takes on the role of Peter Chiarelli (both smart dressed men who have been photographed in Edmonton restaurants). Last episode went in all kinds of directions, let's see how this one turns out.

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Is Adam McQuaid a good place to spend $2.5 million?

Jonathan Willis
May 29 2015 01:44PM

Adam McQuaid is a big, tough, right-shooting defenceman with ties to Peter Chiarelli from their time together in Boston. He will be an unrestricted free agent and has gotten some love in the comments section here as a potential addition for the Oilers.

For those hoping to see the defenceman make the trip to Edmonton, there was some good news on Thursday, as the Edmonton Journal’s connected Jim Matheson suggested there may be some interest.

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