July 26 2015 03:59PM

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Edmonton Oilers fans have fresh new names to discuss this summer and we're all anticipating Connor McDavid's arrival this fall. Added to the gifted incumbents (you know their names) and the grizzled veterans (you know them too, not sure they'd like being called grizzled) there's not much room up front for youth not named Connor or Leon. There might be room for one name, though. His name is Iiro.

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Lander: Long Overdue

Matt Henderson
July 26 2015 01:51PM

We often associate Anton Lander with the concept of rushing a prospect along too quickly for his development, but I’m not sure this is entirely fair. Make no mistake, the decision to keep him in the NHL for 56 games in 2011-2012 was reckless and definitely evidence of rushing Lander along, however that one decision is an outlier when it comes to the patience the Oilers have shown to the Swedish center.

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Condors Competition

Scott Zerr
July 26 2015 08:18AM


The Edmonton Oilers’ new AHL affiliate will be playing in the league’s brand-new and highly touted Pacific Division.

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July 25 2015 09:41AM

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Brandon Davidson is waiver eligible this fall and that's a problem. The Edmonton Oilers are going to need useful, inexpensive players in the future and Davidson is a solid candidate for a depth role at a good price. However, as things stand, it's likely he'll lose the training camp battle for one of the seven available positions and then have to clear waivers. Is it a big deal?

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July 24 2015 07:49PM

The Montreal Canadiens signed Alexander Semin today, for $1.1 million over a year. Insane value contract for a team that needed offense—even if he doesn't work out that's very little money. We're one week from August and there are a lot of good players still available. Will Edmonton sign one? Probably not, they're at 47 contracts and may have a move or two to come, but if the Oilers were calling around, what players would be on the other end of the line?

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