The 2nd Annual Nation Awards: The Nominees

June 09 2016 02:08PM

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Last year, we started a new tradition around these parts. Since no one will let us vote for the actual NHL Awards (thanks PWHA) we decided to take matters into our hands and created an award show for the ages, and I need your help. We need nominees for our award categories, and that's where you come in. 

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #27 Rasmus Aspland

June 09 2016 07:00AM

Rasmus Asplund comes in at 27th in the Nation Network prospect rankings. The 18 year old Swede plays centre and left wing in the SHL for Farjestad BK. 

Lets take a look at the young forward.

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WWYDW: Lucic or Okposo?

June 08 2016 05:00PM


My friends, it's once again time to put yourself in Peter Chiarelli's spot and make decisions for the Edmonton Oilers based on what you think would be best for the team. This week, we're diving into fantasy land to determine whether you would choose to sign Milan Lucic or Kyle Okposo if you were handed the keys to the Oilers' panel van. Left or right wing - who will you decide?

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Robin Brownlee
June 08 2016 11:04AM


Sheldon Souray’s time as a member of the Edmonton Oilers should have been a hockey match made in heaven. Souray, an UFA coming off a career 64-point season with the Montreal Canadiens, was an Elk Point boy who had grown up cheering for the Oilers. The five-year deal worth $27 million he inked in July 2007 with Edmonton was his chance to come home to play.

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #28 Will Bitten

J.D. Burke
June 08 2016 07:10AM

Will Bitten has seen some stuff, man. Though immensely talented and beaming with promise, the 2017 draft prospect just survived most bizarre seasons a franchise has ever endured in the rich history of the Canadian Hockey League.

The Flint Firebirds were a trainwreck last season. The team's owner fired their coach after he refused to play his son often enough. The team walked out on ownership. Ownership was then forced to re-hire said coach by the league, before inevitably firing him before the end of the season. The league then enforced suspensions, fines and other punitive measures as a result. Did I mention this was their inaugural season, too?

Throughout all this, Bitten remained defiantly productive and showcased high-end talent and poise as the rock that kept the Firebirds ship from washing ashore entirely. As Jeff Marek so aptly described the situation for Bitten on an episode of his junior hockey podcast, "he was everything for that hockey team". That's high praise for a 17-year-old. Bitten wasn't underserving of the distinction though and we'll explain why as we introduce him as the 28th ranked prospect in our profile series.

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