Monday Mailbag - Analytics vs Eyeballs

November 14 2016 07:00AM



It's Monday, once again, and here we are with another edition of the mailbag.  Each week, I take your questions (email me at or hit me up on Twitter) and send them out to our writers for their opinion.  As always, I got a bunch of great questions, but I need questions for next week. If there's something you want to know just fire me over your question, and I'll do my best to get it posted ASAP. With that said, here are 3000 words worth of wisdom for you to soak in and enjoy. 

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GDB 16.0 Wrap Up: The Milk's Gone Bad

November 13 2016 10:21PM

Remember your happy place.  Final Score: 3-1 Rangers

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November 13 2016 05:52PM

brossoit williams3

Laurent Brossoit and partner Nick Ellis are a big part of the Bakersfield Condors this season, delivering solid performances and giving the team a chance to win. It has been a good week for prospects across leagues, and with much of the nation looking for an immediate replacement for Jordan Eberle, let's have a look at the options. (Photo by Mark Williams, all rights reserved)

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November 13 2016 11:15AM

This 2016-17 season has been a mostly enjoyable experience for Oilers fans, but as I drove around our fair city yesterday, the sky blue we cherish in Alberta was shades of grey. I wondered, like you would, if this heavy sky represented the end of the winning—9-5-1, folks!—and decided that this team has me believing. Why? More after the jump.

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November 12 2016 06:31PM

davidson capture 5

The Edmonton Oilers need to shore up the defense and it sounds like help is on the way. Brandon Davidson spoke to the media today and had some good news.

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