December 29 2014 12:45PM

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It goes without saying that I am a big fan of the Edmonton Oilers. I have every piece of Jordan Eberle gear ever made. I still use the Oilers garbage can I was given as a birthday present when I was 12.  Even in these dark times on the ice I'm still heavily invested in this ice hockey squadron and their continued success.

And for all the problems we see on the ice and in the front office there is a second massive problem on the horizon for the Oilers as 2015 begins. A problem that no one amount of winning – however unlikely THAT is these days – will help.

And that is the very possible scenario of the Edmonton economy falling off a cliff in the coming year.

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Can Katz make the difficult decision?

Jason Gregor
December 29 2014 11:20AM


The Oilers organization needs an overhaul. The results this season and over the past seven years reflect a team that has lost its way off and on the ice. Nine years without a playoff appearance, with the last seven seasons being incredibly painful. 

The Oilers are 177-255-62 since the beginning of the 2008-2009 season. They have had six consecutive top-ten picks in the at span: 10th, 1st, 1st, 1st, 7th, 3rd and are on their way to another 1st or 2nd pick.

Many things need to change, but where should Daryl Katz begin?

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Monday Mailbag - December 29th

December 29 2014 09:33AM


I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas break! May you drink and eat far more than you ever should.  If you have to work today, the mailbag is here to provide a distraction and waste company time.  If we can't help you waste company resources, what's the point of being here? If you have a question for the mailbag, email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk.

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December 28 2014 10:09PM

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The minor leaguers, junior players and college men are working their way up and down the organizational depth charts and this week a few good men spiked in a good way. The best among them? Laurent Brossoit. At the world juniors, Darnell Nurse and William Lagesson are impressing on the big stage, and Anton Slepyshev is doing good things for Ufa at the Spengler Cup. It's been a good week for the men bubbling under.

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Robin Brownlee
December 28 2014 01:29PM


So, the Edmonton Oilers staged their annual skills competition at Rexall Place today. Fun stuff – skating, stickhandling and shooting, unfettered by the monotony of defensive responsibility, teamwork, good judgment and the willingness to work, just like their games.

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