April 19 2015 10:54PM

miller ferguson 14-155

Andrew Miller won the Barons' scoring title, posting 60 points for the team in their final season. He was one of several Edmonton prospects who had a solid week across the hockey world.

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April 19 2015 01:54PM

I am literally happier than if I had won the actual lottery.

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Was It Worth The Pain?

Matt Henderson
April 19 2015 01:13PM


I screamed so loud that everybody on my block should have been concerned. I got up, screamed YES!, ran into my kitchen then back around into my living room where my wife was looking at me like I was having a psychotic episode, and then did it all one more time. I jumped on Twitter and gave everybody celebratory e-hugs and then tried to write my first McDavid article. It was four lines long and it felt like it took me 15 minutes to piece together because my hands wouldn't stop shaking. The celebration was real. The elation was real. It wasn't actually for another few hours before my mind could begin to process what just happened but I was struck by the first question that came to me: Did winning the McDavid lottery just make everything that happened this past season worth it?

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First Star, Worst Star: April 19, 2015

April 19 2015 12:00PM


You can't win em all, and it turns out if you're Buffalo you literally can't win anything. But YOU have won and your reward is another First Star, Worst Star!

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April 19 2015 09:46AM

Our minds can barely accept the events of last night but they are so very true. The Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery that mattered and have hockey's latest chosen one in their sights. There are myriad stories surrounding the Oilers and McDavid but there's only one thing that matters this morning. They won the damn lottery!

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