Speaking Of... Justin Schultz

Chris the Intern
June 01 2016 07:00AM

Justin Schultz is a pretty cringeworthy topic around these parts, but I think we need to address the elephant in the room: Justin Schultz is actually playing some pretty good hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and we should be happy for him. 

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May 31 2016 04:08PM

The NHL Combine gets a lot of coverage, but what can it tell us? We used to get heights and weights from each player attending, but even that went south in 2015. Is there anything of value for fans? Yes.

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Mark Arcobello: A Brief History

May 31 2016 01:45PM


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and to ruin everyone's week on a Tuesday, but something truly heartbreaking happened this morning. 

I'll give you all a moment to let that sink in. 

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Griffin Reinhart and the Expansion Draft

Jonathan Willis
May 31 2016 11:55AM


For a hypothetical expansion team, it’s hard to imagine a much better target than Griffin Reinhart. The 2012 fourth overall pick is still finding his way in the NHL, but has the potential to play for a decade or more in the league.

It’s also difficult to imagine the Oilers protecting Reinhart in the expansion draft.

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #33 Taylor Raddysh

May 31 2016 07:00AM

Coming in at the 33rd spot on the Nation Network's list is self proclaimed power forward Taylor Raddysh. Raddysh's size and scoring give him the look of a surefire first rounder yet his rankings tend to fall anywhere from the end of the first round to well into the second.

After the jump we take a look at where Raddysh ranks among this years draft eligible's and why his numbers may be a little inflated.

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