Robin Brownlee
March 10 2014 05:40PM


Everybody has an opinion about why the Edmonton Oilers have struggled mightily to show significant signs of progress four years into their rebuild, and former Oiler Ales Hemsky added to that lengthy list today. Let's see if we've about got it covered . . .

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Ales Hemsky and the Edmonton Oilers' rebuild

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2014 02:37PM


Ales Hemsky didn't pretend that he knew how to fix the Edmonton Oilers when he was asked about his former team. But he did tell reporters in Ottawa that it was time for the young stars on the team to shoulder the load.

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Jason Gregor
March 10 2014 11:11AM

Allen Iverson's rant on practice is a classic. Iverson had sat out a practice and it became a huge story in Philly. When Iverson retired Gary Payton told the story how in the summer prior to this interview Iverson had asked him how he was able to keep his body fresh and play every game. Payton told him his head coach, George Karl, wouldn't let him practice very much. Karl knew he was a smaller guard and he needed rest to keep his body healthy. Iverson took it to heart, but he might not have went about it the right way.

It is still a great rant, and it relates to the Oilers because of what Ladislav Smid and Ilya Bryzgalov said regarding the pace and intensity of their new team's practices.

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That's... not a good sign

Jonathan Willis
March 09 2014 10:57PM


The Edmonton Oilers have not been a particularly stingy defensive team over the last five or six seasons, which is something like saying that winter in Canada isn't especially balmy. But even against that bar, this year's edition of the team is primed for record-setting badness in at least one category.

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March 09 2014 10:33AM

yakupov common

The Los Angeles Kings roll into Edmonton tonight, in search of two points and a healthy roster at minute 60. The Oilers? Evaluating the recalls, making sure next year's goalie tandem doesn't spring a leak, and trying to straighten out the ghastly power play.

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