July 09 2014 05:02PM


After his performance in Jasper at the Oilers orientation camp, some Oiler fans are thinking Leon Draisaitl might be NHL-ready. That doesn't matter, fans don't make the roster decisions. However, Edmonton's trading of Sam Gagner right after the draft, added to inactivity in the trade market, suggest management may also feel he's worthy of a long NHL look this fall. Is he?

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Draft Party Tees & a #KeltyCan Update

July 09 2014 01:31PM


On June 27th we threw a Draft Party at the the Pint and raised $3000 for the ICCP and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton. This afternoon, I grabbed what's left of the Draft Party t-shirts and threw them in the online store. I also wanted to give an update on how much money you guys raised for the #KeltyCan auction. 

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Meet Teddy Purcell

Jason Gregor
July 09 2014 11:01AM


**Picture courtesy of Baggedmilk**

Who is Teddy Purcell?

When the Oilers acquired him from Tampa Bay for Sam Gagner, much of the focus centered around Gagner. It was understandable considering how hotly Gagner's value and contribution has been debated over the years, but now that he is no longer an Oiler, let's look at Purcell.

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July 08 2014 06:23PM

khaira ferguson2

The Edmonton Oilers will have a job opening or two this fall, and it could go to one of their young players. A chance at center, or on the wing, might be filled by an unexpected source. One of the first things we should look at is offense—can these kids score enough to hang around? NHL Equivalencies can help us suss out the quality offensive prospects.

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Ship out Schultz? Why?

Jason Gregor
July 08 2014 02:14PM


I've been covering the Oilers since 2001, so rarely does much surprise me anymore. I've seen a lot, and sadly for Oilers fans, most of it has been losing. However, I'll admit I'm surprised by how many people want to ship Justin Schultz out of town.

Maybe I shouldn't be, considering I've seen this movie recently staring the likes of Shawn Horcoff, Ales Hemsky, Sam Gagner and many others, but none of those players heard the trade talk so early in their career.

Schultz has only played 122 games, yet many are convinced they know what type of player he'll be and in their eyes he won't help.

I strongly disagree.

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