Do you feel lucky?

Jason Gregor
April 17 2015 10:31AM

Do you feel lucky Oilers fans?

For the 5th time in franchise history the Oilers have a chance to win the lottery and receive the first overall pick. The odds are different this season, and ironically the four teams whose odds decreased from previous years, Buffalo, Arizona, Edmonton and Toronto, all have a shot at the first overall pick, but all of them also have two first round selections in what is considered the deepest draft in the NHL since 2003.

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It's OK, Blame The Goalie

Matt Henderson
April 17 2015 08:41AM

We all know the Oilers goaltending was, at best, a complete and total disaster last year (and the year before). Deep down in our hearts, we know this to be true. Still though, there are going to be people who refuse to believe that goaltending was to blame. Yes, Scrivens and Fasth were dead last among their peers in almost every important category, but…you know…that defense, or something. Obviously the people who say these things are wrong, but it’s not entirely their fault. It’s the way they were raised.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
April 17 2015 06:30AM


The first round, Leaf's mass firing, Canucks defense could be problematic, Jets least likely to win Cup, Jay Feaster's Flames, a look at Mac T's first 2 years as Oilers GM and more in this week's Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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Robin Brownlee
April 16 2015 11:20AM

As fans of the Edmonton Oilers are well aware, it’s been just a week short of nine years since their team began an unexpected and mesmerizing march to the 2006 Stanley Cup final, starting with an unlikely upset of the Detroit Red Wings to open the first round of the playoffs.

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Edmonton vs. Edmonton, why?

Jason Gregor
April 15 2015 07:49PM

The NHL edition of the Battle of Alberta has not been much of a heated rivalry for many years. Either the Oilers were decent and the Flames stunk, or the Oilers were terrible and the Flames were okay, but, sadly quite often both franchises were bottom-feeders.

Right now, it seems the biggest rival the Oilers have during the Battle of Alberta involves The Edmonton Rush.

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