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Matt Henderson
December 24 2014 07:30AM

Burning Ship

The Oilers have apparently decided to burn the ships behind them and forge ahead despite the consequences when it comes to Ben Scrivens and their situation in net. They are going to play him until he finds his rhythm no matter how many goals he lets in (76 in total, 11 in his last 2 games and 5 minutes). That's great with Connor McDavid on the line but what about next year?

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GDB 35.0 Wrap Up: Coyotes @ Oilers

December 23 2014 08:42PM

The holiday break couldn't come soon enough.  Final Score: 5-1 Coyotes.

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GDB 35.0: A Festivus Miracle

Jason Gregor
December 23 2014 11:54AM

Festivus was made famous by Frank Costanza in the Seinfeld  episode "The Strike" in 1997. He invented the holiday to serve as an alternate instead of participating in the pressures and commercialism of Christmas. On December 23rd, Frank and his family would celebrate Festivus.

There was a Festivus dinner, an unadorned aluminum pole, and fun activities such as the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength. If George could pin his father in a wrestling match Festivus would conclude for that year. There was also the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles."

It is fitting that Edmonton's final game before the Christmas break falls on Festivus. Regardless of the outcome tonight, the Oilers will enter the Christmas break with their lowest win total in franchise history.

Oilers fans have a lot of grievances this year.

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Jeff Petry & the Detroit Red Wings

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2014 09:06AM


It’s no secret that the Detroit Red Wings are anxious to add a right-shooting defenceman to their roster. The club has been linked to pretty much every name out there – from Tyler Myers in Buffalo to Tom Gilbert in Montreal to Mike Green in Washington and, yes, to Jeff Petry in Edmonton.

Apparently, discussions between the Wings and the Oilers on the matter go back to the summer.

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Oilers Christmas Carol Contest

December 22 2014 01:08PM

Deck The Hall

It's that time of year everybody! Time to max out your credit cards, flirt dangerously close with alcohol poisoning, and of course, sing Oilers related Christmas carols! We put out a call to all our Facebook friends to come up with their best Oilers themed carols and here are your top 5! Vote in the polls for your favorite and make someones Christmas wish come true!

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