July 25 2015 09:41AM

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Brandon Davidson is waiver eligible this fall and that's a problem. The Edmonton Oilers are going to need useful, inexpensive players in the future and Davidson is a solid candidate for a depth role at a good price. However, as things stand, it's likely he'll lose the training camp battle for one of the seven available positions and then have to clear waivers. Is it a big deal?

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July 24 2015 07:49PM

The Montreal Canadiens signed Alexander Semin today, for $1.1 million over a year. Insane value contract for a team that needed offense—even if he doesn't work out that's very little money. We're one week from August and there are a lot of good players still available. Will Edmonton sign one? Probably not, they're at 47 contracts and may have a move or two to come, but if the Oilers were calling around, what players would be on the other end of the line?

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 24 2015 07:00AM


What has Kyle Dubas done, Canucks not having a very good summer, do the Flames have a core group, who is the Oilers next captain, free agents still out there and more in this weeks Roundup

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NHL expansion: Bad for the game

Jason Gregor
July 23 2015 03:19PM

Las Vegas and Quebec City sent expansion applications to the NHL earlier this week, and now the NHL will decide when the league will expand. It isn't a question of if, but when and how many teams.

Expansion will be great for the owners. They will split the expansion fee, reportedly $500 million per team, and not have to share the money with the players. Expansion will create 45-50 more pro contracts per organization, and create 23 more NHL jobs (per team) for players, meaning the players will see some benefit.

The owners and players will like it, but from my seat it will lower the entertainment value of the NHL.

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They Said It

Matt Henderson
July 23 2015 08:00AM

Connor McDavid is special in a way that’s difficult to fathom, especially for Oiler fans who have had three other first overall picks in recent years. We have been treated to some very bright young players. We know what kind of struggles they still have but also what kind of ups to expect as well. Maybe it's because we're embarrassed by our riches, but I’ve found in many ways Oiler fans are a bit shy with regards to discussing the talents of Connor McDavid.

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