The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: Body Parts Needed

Chris the Intern
December 23 2016 07:00AM


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Depth is something we haven't talked about in the past ten years in Edmonton. Though we haven't had as many injured players so far as last year, my injury report is still way too long for my liking. But this year is different. This year we're actually winning, and part of this can be credited to depth. And Connor McDavid. Mostly Connor McDavid actually, but depth too. 

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
December 23 2016 05:00AM

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Is JVR on the move in Toronto, Brandon Sutter is the teams 4th best center in Van, Jets bracing for expansion, are the Flames really for real, it's time to breakup McDavid and Lucic, the NHL needs to wake up, travel fatigue is truly a thing, early 2017 draft rankings and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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December 22 2016 07:35PM

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Anton Slepyshev was a key player in a wild and crazy pair of deals made by Craig MacTavish on draft weekend, 2013. The trade (one second round pick for what would turn into five selections) has produced three young men who are trying to make their way as NHL players, with (possibly) more to come. We last looked in during June's lead up to the draft, let's see what has changed.

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NHLNotebook: A rough night in Glendale, Patrik Laine is awesome and #CunnyCan!

Zach Laing
December 22 2016 02:17PM


The NHLN Notebook is a semi-regular feature of interesting hockey content from the past few days that doesn't quite deserve its own article. 

Today's NHLNotebook covers a rough night in Glendale that saw 81 PIMS, Patrik Laine being Patrik Laine and the amazing story of Craig Cunningham. 

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Robin Brownlee
December 22 2016 01:00PM

When you’ve been the designated free space on the Bingo card for as long as the Edmonton Oilers have, you cannot expect to return to contention and respectability in one fell swoop. It’s more often an evolution rather than a revolution. It’s one step at a time.

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