Monday Mailbag - McDavid's Next Contract

January 30 2017 07:00AM

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Happy 'we're-in-a-playoff-spot-on-a-Monday-late-January' to all of you! I promise to work turning days like these into civic holidays so we can all sit at home in our undies, but there's still a ways to go. Until then, let's all kill some time together whilst learning about the Oilers we love and arguing with the strangers we hate. Allow the Mailbag to dust off a few minutes of company time and get you closer to going home. As always, I need questions for the Mailbag so email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Enough of me - let's learn something.

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January 29 2017 05:49PM

Jesse Puljujarvi continues to flourish in Bakersfield, and the Condors enjoyed a nice run this week. Action across the prospect universe. Let's have a look.

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January 29 2017 10:55AM


This is Eddie Shore, as a member of the Melville Millionaires. Shore was born in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan about 114 years ago. A brilliant, rugged and effective player, he became known as 'The Edmonton Express' and by 1926 was an emerging star for the Boston Bruins of the NHL. This weekend, folks are arguing about the top 100 players of all-time, and whether Connor McDavid is the fastest man alive (he is), I would like to go in another direction: Let's talk about us.

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If we're being honest with ourselves, Connor McDavid set the real fastest skater record tonight

Jeff Veillette
January 28 2017 07:30PM

Photo Credit: Kelvin Kuo/USA TODAY SPORTS

The NHL's All-Star Skills Competition is underway right now, and as we all know, Connor McDavid is incredibly, very, extremely fast. For many of us, watching him participate in the Fastest Skater competition was one of the only things that mattered tonight, especially after they replaced the trick shot competition with a bunch of players missing stupid shots they'd never take.

Connor rocked it. He was better than everyone. But not the greatest! Though, hold on a second.

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The Rich Peverley Trade

Jonathan Willis
January 28 2017 05:11PM

Peter Chiarelli

I wanted to talk today about a trade that Peter Chiarelli made during his time as the general manager of the Boston Bruins. The reason I focused on this particular trade is because it encapsulates a lot of the debate surrounding Chiarelli’s handling of the Oilers without including the same emotion in Edmonton that comes from discussing the Oilers.

I’m talking of course about the February 2011 deal which saw Boston acquire Rich Peverley from Atlanta in exchange for Blake Wheeler.

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