March 17 2015 04:14PM


It's always fun to see a minor league player make his NHL debut and that may happen tomorrow night in Edmonton. Andrew Miller is a college free agent signing by the organization and recent games have suggested he's turned a corner. Miller's age (26 ) and recent performance (10-10-20 in his last 16 AHL games) combined with his contract status (RFA) mean this is a good time to have a quick look-see at the player. I wrote about the idea of recall on the weekend (here). 

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GDB 70.0 Wrap Up: Leafs @ Oilers

March 16 2015 10:36PM

The Leafs won this tank battle, but the war is far from over. Final Score: 4-1 Oilers

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GDB 70.0: Sharing the pain

Jason Gregor
March 16 2015 06:40PM


There isn't much love between Leafs fans and Oilers fans, however, both groups share one common bond: both have endured a decade of despair. The Oilers and Leafs have only made the playoffs once in the past ten years. The Oilers made it in 2006, but haven't been close since, while the Leafs missed the dance for the first seven years, made it in 2013 only to suffer a painful game seven loss to the Bruins, and are now starting another streak of two seasons without the postseason.

No fan base in Canada has suffered more than those who cheer for the Leafs and Oilers since the beginning of the 2005/2006 season, and only fans in Florida can relate to your struggles.

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Gaming Corsi on the Power Play

Matt Henderson
March 16 2015 03:00PM

Jordan Eberle made an interesting comment today as to why the PP is doing better under Nelson. As per Derek Van Diest, Eberle had this to say: “I think maybe on the start of the year we were really focused on shooting the puck and Corsi numbers. When that starts creeping in your head, you’re just shooting the puck just to shoot it and you’re not trying to create the best opportunity you can.”

That’s going to stir up the hornet’s nest quite a bit. As someone who has been interested in the Power Play and the numbers it’s indeed a very interesting comment. For the Anti-Stats people it will be something of a rallying cry, I suppose. There are loads of people who haven’t trusted the advanced stats crowd and here in Edmonton the conversation is extremely heated.

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March 16 2015 09:05AM


Whether you're killing time at work, or sitting on your couch in your Ironman pyjamas, the mailbag is here to help you kill off a little bit of your Monday.  Whether that time killed is company time, or time killed until it's socially acceptable to drink - we don't care - we just care that you're here.  Of course, by "we", I totally mean "me." Thank you.  If you have a question for the mailbag, you can email me or hit me up on Twitter.  Until then, I present another edition of the Mailbag.

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