June 23 2015 07:12PM

The Edmonton Oilers spent a metric tonne worth of draft picks last decade on big wingers they hoped would turn into skilled men with size. Almost to a man, these kids were shy on offense, from Brad Winchester in 2000 through Cameron Abney in 2009. Now, with a new management group in place, will the Oilers 'fish where the fish are' and draft big forwards who are also skilled? Here's a look at some candidates.

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June 23 2015 01:30PM

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. The red carpet event of the century! Of course I'm talking about the first annual Nation Awards! What are the Nation Awards? Probably the most important award show of our generation, and I'm not kidding.  

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The Lying Time

Jonathan Willis
June 23 2015 11:38AM

Eddie Lack

There’s a cute little phrase that nicely sums up the kind of reporting one hears during intense negotiations. It’s “conflicting reports.” There’s a good reason for that: Information is at a premium and the key people on opposite sides of the discussion have a tendency to put out wildly differing accounts of the status of talks.

It’s true of political discussions, labour negotiations and it’s really true at trade time in the NHL.

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Todd McLellan’s coaching staff likely to be assembled “before Friday”

Jonathan Willis
June 22 2015 09:50PM

Todd McLellan2

Peter Chiarelli’s brief press availability on Monday touched on a lot of different points, one of which was the still under construction Oilers’ coaching staff. The general manager indicated at least the majority of Todd McLellan's group should be in place prior to the draft.

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The Risk In Pursuing Cam Talbot

Matt Henderson
June 22 2015 01:25PM

The Oilers are in desperate need of a new (preferably good) goaltender, and they have their eyes set on Cam Talbot. This is not breaking news. We've known they like Talbot for a long time and a lot of digital ink has been spilled discussing how he might just be the right fit. But it's not all bubblegum and rainbows with Talbot. There are risks.

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