Nation Network Prospect Profile #3: Jesse Puljujarvi

Mack Irwin
June 23 2016 05:00AM

The number three ranked prospect of the Nation Network rankings is Finnish forward Jesse Puljujarvi.

Puljujarvi stormed onto the international scene at the World Juniors, where he scored 23 points in 15 games, including a hat trick in the gold medal game. He also put up one of the best 17-year-old seasons ever in the top Finnish league, scoring 28 points in 50 games and leading Karpat in possession, controlling 57.5% of shot attempts.

Puljujarvi is a great skater, with a quick, accurate shot and great playmaking vision. His defensive game is developed well beyond his years, and he uses his 6'4 frame to good effect in positioning and battling for pucks. He will likely step straight onto an NHL roster next season, and could be a difference-maker even as a rookie.

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Live in Buffalo: Vegas, Trades, the Draft and Being Cautious of Lucic

Jason Gregor
June 22 2016 05:03PM


We are live in Buffalo, which is amazing because I had the ultimate traveler brain cramp: Dustin Nielson and I pulled up to the border crossing in Buffalo and handed our passports to the customs agent. He asked the usual questions. What are you here for? How long will you be staying? Why are the Oilers still terrible? Well he didn't ask the last one, but he was probably thinking it.

He scanned our passports, then looked at me and said, "Your passport is expired." I replied, true story, "Really, my birthday isn't until October." He stares at me and was likely thinking, 'Does this guy work for the Oilers? No wonder they are still terrible.' 

He actually replied, "It expired last month. Be sure you get a new one when you get home."

He was a good dude, and we made it to Buffalo where hockey fever has gripped the city. NHL Draft 2016 sign are everywhere downtown and there will be a lot of moves to discuss, debate and analyze in the next few days.

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WWYDW: Milan Lucic is headed to market

Jonathan Willis
June 22 2016 03:01PM

It’s now official. According to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, both Milan Lucic and Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi have confirmed that the hulking left wing will be heading to free agency

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask how interested the Oilers should be, and what impact a potential Lucic signing would have on the roster.

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Reinharting Another Draft Floor Deal

Matt Henderson
June 22 2016 01:30PM

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, or so the saying goes. It’s been paraphrased a few different ways, but the ultimate meaning is consistent: We are often placed in situations that have occurred similarly before and if we fail to learn from the mistakes and/or triumphs of those times then the outcomes aren’t going to be any different. As Edmonton approaches the draft this Friday there is a real danger of repeating its very recent past history.

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Robin Brownlee
June 22 2016 11:34AM


Peter Chiarelli was among the busiest GMs during his first go-round with the Edmonton Oilers at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe that will change at the 2016 edition of the draft in Buffalo.

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