September 09 2015 07:32PM

davidson ferguson

The Edmonton Oilers are bringing in big defensemen via trade, draft and free agency at a rapid clip. Three new men arrived during draft weekend and free agent Day One, and there's more movement to come. Who will last the season? Who will be here next fall?

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Is There Room for Gazdic?

Jason Gregor
September 09 2015 01:31PM

Luke Gazdic is the most skilled Oilers forward when it comes to fisticuffs, but if he is going to be a regular in the lineup he'll need to be more than just a fighter. Gazdic lost a few pounds -- not that he was too heavy, he simply wanted to get leaner and quicker.

But he made it clear yesterday that doesn't mean he is trying to forget the role that got him to the NHL.

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The Daily Faceoff Fantasy Draft Kit

Nation World HQ
September 09 2015 01:14PM


Who should I pick first overall? How early should I draft Connor McDavid? Who will breakout this year? Do I really know what I'm doing? The DailyFaceoff draft kit is here to guide you through the fantasy darkness

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WWYDW: Oscar Klefbom’s contract extension

Jonathan Willis
September 09 2015 10:26AM


Last season, Oscar Klefbom established himself as a key building block in the Oilers’ defensive plans. He has one year remaining on his entry-level deal and will become a restricted free agent next summer. When should Edmonton extend him, and what kind of deal should they offer him?

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September 09 2015 04:52AM

The 2015-16 Oilers season is on the horizon and coming towards us with breakneck speed. Excitement is beginning to build in some camps, indifference reigns supreme in others. In other camps still, many former Oilers fans remain faithful to their new past times discovered since the Oilers developed an enchanting habit of sucking these past eight years.

You might want to turn off Netflix, log out of Fantasy Football and stop paying attention to your loving spouse and children, former Oilers fans. I have this sneaking suspicion that none of us – in any of the camps – have any idea the magnitude of what is about to occur.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand of the history of our collective fandom, hit reset on all the crap we are mad about and reignite our excitement and passion for the team.

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