Craig MacTavish: “I’m an optimist, I think there are good things ahead”

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2015 11:15AM

Craig MacTavish4

One of the intermission features on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday was an interview with Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish. He answered a few questions for reporter Cassie Campbell-Pascall and gave fans a foregleam of what they can expect in his full end-of-year press conference and then on into the summer.

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April 12 2015 09:17AM

The choice of Nikita Nikitin (by Craig MacTavish) as the showcase addition to the 2014-15 Oilers defense was curious to the extreme. The Columbus Blue Jackets didn't use him in a feature role—in fact, they didn't use him full stop at times—but Oilers' brass went ahead and traded for him THEN delivered an offer he couldn't refuse in the form of a two-year, $9 million contract. 

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GDB 82.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Canucks

April 11 2015 10:56PM

This is the end. Final Score: 6-5 Canucks in OT

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GDB 82.0: Terminus

Jonathan Willis
April 11 2015 12:26PM


After a long and disappointing 81 games, we have finally arrived at the final contest of the Edmonton Oilers’ 2014-15 campaign. Saturday’s road game against the Vancouver Canucks is irrelevant to the larger story for the Oilers, which has long since been written, and may be irrelevant to the Canucks as well if Calgary loses its afternoon contest.

It’s likely to be notable only as the end of the line.

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April 10 2015 06:37PM

schultz common3

Justin Schultz has been an NHL player for over 200 games and I don't think he's better now than he was on opening night 2012-13. At 24, we can probably assume he'll never win a Norris (seriously -- no Norris for Schultz) but the bigger question is this: Can Justin Schultz help an NHL team win?

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