Have the Oilers improved enough?

Jason Gregor
September 01 2015 07:47AM


I always go on holidays for the final two weeks of August, because the weather is usually great, which it was, and it allows me to relax and recharge before the sporting world explodes in September and October. It is a great time to be a sports fan.

The NFL gets going --The Dolphins will win the AFC East -- MLB is in the stretch run and the Jays are ripping it up, the CFL season heats up after Labour Day and NHL camps, for the rookies, start in less than two weeks.

There is no shortage of story lines heading into the NHL season, and no team has had more major changes over the past five months than the Edmonton Oilers.

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Defensive Tandem Performance

Jonathan Willis
August 31 2015 01:10PM


It’s a sure thing that Peter Chiarelli plans to overhaul the Oilers’ defence, and we’ve seen him at work already. There are, however, five holdovers from last year’s group, and we can probably learn something from what kinds of players the incumbents failed/succeeded with last season.

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The NationGear Update You've Been Waiting For

August 31 2015 11:04AM


You've been waiting for this moment. What the hell am I talking about? The moment you've been incessantly emailing me about. You wanted to know when Nation Hats are going to come back and when can you get your grubby little hands on a 16-Bit t-shirt. Well... We've topped up our inventory on some much requested NationGear items, and even added a few others. Today is launch day.

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Monday Mailbag - August 31st

August 31 2015 08:00AM


There's a long weekend on the horizon and you've got a few work days to kill. As always, the Mailbag is here to help you put those long company hours behind you and bring you one step closer to the debauchery that will be your long weekend. The most important part is that you try to look busy, and nothing makes you look busier than reading intently. The Mailbag doesn't work without your questions so if you have something to ask you can email me at baggedmilk@oilersnation.com or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. 

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August 30 2015 03:08PM

drai capture

Start a conversation online or at work these days about the Oilers and the conversation (after the McDavid fist bump) quickly turns to who gets what job. Will Leon play the wing? HOW can they send down Nurse? Peter Chiarelli said Griffin Reinhart would be on the Oilers this fall—book it! For Oilers fans this century, it (for the most part) comes down to contracts.

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