Playoff Thoughts: Breaking a few Eggs to make an Omelette

Jason Strudwick
April 21 2014 05:16PM


Milan Lucic is one of the most unique players in the NHL. His combination of skill, size and absolute nastiness are hard to find. He is the type of player that really affects a lineup. He gives attitude and confidence to every one of his teammates. As a coach or GM I would welcome him on my team anytime.

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Monday Mailbag - April 21st

April 21 2014 01:15PM


I hope everyone had a great long weekend and a huge shout out to those of you that made it down to the Summit Show at Millenium Place to check out the Nation booth. As is Monday tradition at the Nation, we've taken your questions and passed them on to our writers for their input and wisdom. If you'd like to submit a question, all you have to do is email it to me at!

Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the learning opportunity.

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A Busy Morning

Jonathan Willis
April 21 2014 12:03PM


There aren’t a lot of busy news days for teams outside the playoff picture at this point, but for good and ill the Edmonton Oilers had one on Monday. Front office changes and a disgruntled player speaking out made for a very interesting morning in Oil country.

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Jason Gregor
April 21 2014 09:27AM


Dave Tippett played 721 NHL games, 483 of them with the Hartford Whalers, and despite what this card insinuates he never won a Cup with the Penguins. Tippett signed with the Penguins in the summer of 1992 after they had won consecutive Stanley Cups.

Tippett was a solid NHL player, mainly a checker, but he's become one of the most respected coaches in the NHL. He's led his team to the playoffs in 8 of this 11 seasons, and he'll guide Canada at the upcoming World Championships.

Tippett and I spoke about his coaching philosophies, communication, advanced stats and more.

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April 20 2014 06:37AM

parkatti tweet

I believe this sentiment drives much of the discontent in Oilers Nation these days. Why can't we have nice things? Colorado sucked for LESS time and are in the playoffs looking like the Oilers team we were promised!!!! What the hell? Where are the answers? After the break.

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