This Time

Matt Henderson
October 07 2015 09:00PM


When the dust settles on this 2015-2016 season there’s every chance that my heart will be broken again if the Oilers miss the playoffs. Still, I write this on the eve of the season and I still hold out hope.

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WWYDW: Who Gets Voted Off the Island?

Jonathan Willis
October 07 2015 05:40PM


We now know who will be on the opening night roster for the 2015-16 Edmonton Oilers. In this week’s edition of WWYDW, we’d like our readers to do two things. First, predict which of the players currently on the roster won’t be there by July 1, 2016. Secondly, we’d like to know who should be gone but won’t be and who will be gone but shouldn’t be.

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October 07 2015 03:35PM


Before I kick off the 2015-16 Goat Witch hunt and explain it to anyone unfamiliar with what is going on here - there is a disclaimer that should be made.

I have half a mind to nominate Peter Chiarelli as my 2015-16 goat.

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Oilers: Woodcroft discusses powerplay success

Jason Gregor
October 07 2015 01:44PM

Jay Woodcroft turned 39 this past August and he's already entering his 11th season in the NHL as an assistant coach. He started as a video coach in Detroit, and when Todd McLellan got the head coaching job in San Jose had asked Woodcroft to come with him. After seven seasons in San Jose, Woodcroft and McLellan left and landed in Edmonton.

They have a strong working relationship and McLellan has put Woodcroft in charge or the powerplay for many years. That will continue in Edmonton.

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October 07 2015 11:50AM

The Edmonton Oilers announced this morning that they will play the 2015-16 season without a captain. Instead, they named four assistant captains to lead the group by committee. Matt Hendricks will wear a fifth "A" while Jordan Eberle is on the shelf with a shoulder injury. 

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