Oilers need to be better

Jason Gregor
November 30 2016 12:30PM

The Oilers aren't playing bad hockey overall, however, they are making major mistakes that lead to goals. Last night the Maple Leafs rarely had any contained pressure. The Oilers didn't spend much time in their own end, but they gift wrapped the Leafs' two goals, and both mistakes occurred below their goal line.

The focus and attention to detail has to be better. There are no excuses. This group has to play smarter and be consistently more determined.

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Fayne recalled, Gryba to IR

Zach Laing
November 30 2016 11:43AM

The lineup shuffle continues. 

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WWYDW: The Lack of Secondary Scoring

Jonathan Willis
November 30 2016 11:00AM


Often, if Connor McDavid isn’t scoring the Edmonton Oilers aren’t scoring. Over the last 10 games, McDavid has picked up a point on 14 of the team’s goals; the rest of the lineup has only managed a grand total of 13 without his help.

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask what the club’s general manager and head coach should do to get some scoring from all the non-McDavid players on the roster.

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The Edmonton Oilers without Connor McDavid on the ice

Christian Pagnani
November 30 2016 09:00AM

The Oilers rely a lot on Connor McDavid. That much isn't a secret. McDavid leads the team in ice-time and is fifth in the entire NHL for forwards, along with having a 12-point lead on the next highest scorer on his team. 

It’s safe to say McDavid is a massively important part of Edmonton’s team. But do they rely on him too much? Is there an actual good NHL team on the ice when he isn't? How do they compare to other top teams in the league in terms of reliance on their top centre? 

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Robin Brownlee
November 30 2016 07:00AM

Unless Ken Linseman was playing for your team, he was a dirty little %@$#^# so-and-so nicknamed The Rat who deserved to get his #%$&#% backside handed to him good and plenty, and the sooner the better. He was a miserable little $#*#~!@ cheap-shot guy loathed far and wide around the NHL. Shut your face, Linseman, you $%@^!#.

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