Robin Brownlee
May 18 2015 08:55PM

Unless everybody has it absolutely wrong, Todd McLellan will be (or already is) the next coach of the Edmonton Oilers and his hiring could be made official as early as Tuesday. What I’m wondering is what his coaching staff will look like.

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Monday Mailbag - May 18th

May 18 2015 02:18PM


So here we are: It’s a long weekend Monday and those of us who didn’t have to work are hoping that tomorrow never comes, and those of us that did have to work are looking for distractions. Luckily, the mailbag is back with the all answers to questions you've always been wondering about.  Have a question? Just email it to me at baggedmilk@oilersnation.com or hit me up on Twitter.  As a thank you, I'll send everyone that submits a question a sticker package from the Nation.  Questions don't all have to be Oilers related, so be creative.

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What’s the best way to change the makeup of the Oilers’ forward corps?

Jonathan Willis
May 18 2015 12:20PM


It’s a concern that comes up every year and goes something like this: The 'Oilers forward corps' isn’t big enough, isn’t defensively-oriented enough and lacks the ability to win hockey games. There are counterarguments – Chicago isn’t much bigger and they do fine, a better group on the blue line will make everyone look better, better goaltending will make everyone look better – but let’s acknowledge that nobody would complain if Edmonton’s forwards could get bigger and be more attentive to defensive detail.

How, exactly, might that happen?

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May 18 2015 10:21AM

The first time I heard the name Connor McDavid, it came in a sentence including the word "exceptional" and nothing has changed since that day.

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May 17 2015 07:50PM

khaira ferguson 1415

Jujhar Khaira hasn't scored much in his debut pro season, but this week the young forward was on fire for the Oklahoma City Barons. He headlines a dwindling group of prospects who are still playing hockey this spring.

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