The North by NorthGretz Podcast - Principe and the Podcast

North By NorthGretz
August 22 2016 11:00AM


This week the boys are joined by the one and only Gene Principe for a 90 minute discussion on hockey, life, and everything in between! Gene explains to the boys how he crafts a world class pun, shares a few memories of Rexall Place, and gives us his pick for the best place to get Italian food in this packed episode of the North by NorthGretz podcast.

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Laurent Brossoit: Not a Bust

Cat Silverman
August 22 2016 09:00AM

Laurent Brossoit is under a lot of pressure, it seems. 

The Edmonton Oilers have seen a rotating carousel of number one goaltenders over the last, oh, decade or so - and none of them have particularly worked out in the team's favor. It seems, even, that the last few years have seen the team go through goaltenders faster than they've gone through head coaches. 

Think about it: name an Oilers goalie from the last five years who didn't lose his starting gig to someone else at some point during the year to just try and salvage the team. 

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Monday Mailbag - What Do You Expect From Leon Draisaitl?

August 22 2016 07:00AM



We're another week closer to training camp and now you're looking at us to help you kill enough time to get there. Luckily, the Mailbag is here to answer all of life's important questions. Can the answers given in this week's mailbag will apply to your life? We shall see, but I feel pretty confident. If you have something you'd like to ask, email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Now sit back, relax, and waste as much company time as possible. Have a good week, everybody.

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August 21 2016 09:59AM

oesterle williams4

We are most of the way through summer and the power-play point shot is not yet here—or if it is, not yet clear. Assuming Peter Chiarelli is unable to procure that item in summer shopping, who is the obvious choice among available talent? You might be surprised.

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August 20 2016 09:27AM

Matt Benning is a college free agent and in the signing window at this time. The Edmonton Oilers have been mentioned as a possible destination, so it is probably time to have a longer look at a talented young player.

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