Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #36 Kale Clague

May 25 2016 04:26PM

Kale Clague comes in at #36 on the Nation Network's top 60 2016 draft eligible prospects. Playing for the Brandon Wheat Kings, Clague is hailed as a two-way defenseman with a high level of skill and good ability to skate. 

Let's take a look at what he brings to the table.

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You’re not so bad after all, Taylor Hall

May 25 2016 09:00AM

How to make the Nation hate you 101: admit that you’re not a fan of Taylor Hall.

It’s not because he didn’t sleep with me after a night out at the Ranch or because he snubbed me on a high five once — these events never actually took place, BTW — but it is because I find him to be reckless, unfortunately efficient at generating turnovers, and a festering pit of bad attitude. That being said, there’s no denying that he’s a talented guy, which brings me to my point: You're not so bad, Taylor. 

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2016 Draft: Which Swedes Fit The 51% Rule?

Shawn Reis
May 25 2016 07:00AM

With the draft one month away it's time to start ramping up our focus towards it even more.

Most of the talk so far has been surrounding the real top tier players of the draft like Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine.  But there are six more rounds past the first one, and there are plenty of future NHLers that'll come out of this draft that up until now you've never heard of in your life.

Luckily, we have little tricks to help us try and identify who those players might be.

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Adding Size on the Cheap

Jonathan Willis
May 24 2016 05:00PM


Peter Chiarelli’s first season at the helm of the Edmonton Oilers has had mixed results, but one of his real strengths has been his ability to add what we might call “functional toughness” on the cheap. There is a premium on size and grit in the NHL, and on Tuesday Chiarelli’s old team underlined that point with an outrageous contract extension for physical depth defenceman Kevan Miller.  

Chiarelli clearly values size, but so far he’s managed to add that element smartly, thanks to some judicious bargain-bin shopping.

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Speaking Of... Connor McDavid: International Stud

Chris the Intern
May 24 2016 03:00PM

A photo posted by Connor Mcdavid (@mcdavid97) on

With Canada's back-to-back gold medals at the World Hockey Championships this year, Connor McDavid has become the youngest player in the history of the universe at 19, to win a World Championships gold medal, a World Junior gold medal, and a U18 gold medal. He becomes just the fourth ever to win all three.

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