August 29 2015 05:43PM

scrivens common 1

The moves this summer by Peter Chiarelli (is he done?) offer us insight into the mindset of management and new coach Todd McLellan. When a new GM and coach arrive, and follow up with massive additions 'up the middle' it shows what caught their eye in regard to the weakness of last year's crew. It's one thing to send a distant bell to the 'Hawks for a possible backup goalie, but are the Oilers seriously considering running an inexperienced goalie combination? Or will he ADD an experienced hand to the four men already heading to camp? 

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August 28 2015 09:01PM

pitlick fergusonfive

Not many days now for fans, media and the hockey industry—we are definitely seeing signs of hockey season getting ready to fire the ignition. Young Oilers minor leaguers and new hires will once again see plenty of new faces among the coaching staff—and for some, that could be a very good thing.

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August 28 2015 02:00PM

It's Friday and that means that we're turning OilersNation into a poor man's Buzzfeed with our latest countdown of the Top 5 saves in Oilers history as voted by you fine citizens. You will see that some of the saves in the video above are a series of saves as opposed to one single save. That wasn't my call. That's your call. As always, I excuse myself from any and all criticism when it comes to this list and I urge you to file your complaints with Chris the Intern.

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Robin Brownlee
August 28 2015 12:00PM


Fans and media types alike love making predictions. If we’re right, whether we’ve made your bold pick after running spreadsheets or reading tea leaves, the inclination is to crow, “I called it.” If we’re wrong, as we most often are, well, crickets and on to the next one.

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Re-live the Edmonton Oilers 2008-09 season

Jonathan Willis
August 28 2015 10:00AM

Steve Tambellini (2)

Even seven years later, it’s hard to be definitive about exactly what was accomplished in Edmonton during the Steve Tambellini era. He took the helm in the summer of 2008 and would spend five years running the team, though most of the offseason changes were made by Kevin Lowe before the official transition of power.

2008-09 was an uncertain start to Tambellini’s run as general manager, though as it turned out it also marked the high point in terms of on-ice achievement during his time with the Oilers.

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