GDB 5.0 Wrap Up: Welcome home, Yak

October 20 2016 10:04PM

Yak scored, but the Oilers won. I'm happy with that. Final Score: 3-1 Oilers

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GDB 5.0: A real test

Jason Gregor
October 20 2016 01:02PM

The Flames, Sabres and Hurricanes were in the same non-playoff boat as the Oilers last year, and have been for the last five years. The Sabres, Hurricanes and Oilers haven't made the playoffs in the past five years, while the Flames only have one playoff appearance.

The Oilers needed a good start against those teams and they did, going 3-1, but tonight they will have a much tougher test against the St.Louis Blues. The Blues made the playoffs each of the past five seasons and they have the most wins of any NHL team in that span, going 230-110-36.

The Blues have done a great job adapting to the changes in the league, and no one has been better than them in the regular season. Tonight should give us a look into how much the Oilers have improved, or how far they need to go to compete with playoff teams.

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Early Days For Kris Russell

Matt Henderson
October 20 2016 11:00AM

So…you guys like Kris Russell?

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David Musil and the bridge to nowhere

Jonathan Willis
October 20 2016 09:06AM


It’s been a tough few months for David Musil.

The Edmonton Oilers played hardball with the 2011 second-round pick in contract negotiations this summer, knocking the dollar figure low at both the NHL and AHL level. He cleared waivers after being cut early on this fall. And on Tuesday, he was a healthy scratch for Bakersfield’s first game of the AHL season.

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Robin Brownlee
October 20 2016 07:00AM

I’ve never had much time for players who make a point of crapping all over the organization they once played for and that signed their pay cheques the moment they get their ticket out of town, be their beefs and grievances real or imagined. 

Same thing for fans or those in the media who feel the need to take a heaping bowel movement on a player AFTER they’ve left town – especially when they never had the intestinal fortitude to do it when they had the chance to have their say while looking the player in the eye.

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