April 14 2014 11:05AM


I attended Ryan Smyth’s NHL debut back in 1995. I was 14 at the time and I can clearly remember the game like it was yesterday. He had been playing most of the year in Moose Jaw and popped in for a few unremarkable starts before making a splash the following year. I was more hyped on Jason Bonsignore at the time but clearly recall "the other Ryan" from the 1994 draft suiting up and taking to the ice at Rexall Place. 

20 years later I was at his retirement game. No longer in junior high, no longer needing rides from my mom to the game and back. I’m a completely different person. Ryan Smyth however is exactly the same person he was so many years ago. Still reppin the same ageless mullet and happy grin. Still grinding it out along the boards and standing in the line of fire in front of the net. Still happy to be an Oiler above anything else.

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Jason Gregor
April 14 2014 10:50AM


The Oilers playoff drought is now eight seasons, tying them for the 2nd longest playoff drought in one city with Boston, 1960-1967, and Washington, 1975-1982. Florida fans hold the record for enduring the longest heartache after watching the Panthers miss for ten consecutive seasons.

Can the Oilers improve by 25 points and be in playoff contention next season?

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April 13 2014 01:53PM

perron common34

Yesterday, we had a look at Craig MacTavish's roster exits. Today, we look at what he brought in to change the team's fortunes.

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GDB Wrap Up: Canucks @ Oilers

April 12 2014 10:59PM


WE DID IT! Ryan Smyth was wearing the C! Well done, Nation! *standing ovation* Final Score: 5-2 Oilers

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April 12 2014 05:31PM


Tonight marks the end of an era. Ryan Smyth will play his 1270th NHL game in what will no doubt be an emotional night at Rexall Place. For those of us that were raised on Ryan Smyth, it's definitely going to be weird to watch. I can't imagine there will be a dry eye in the house when Smytty's tribute is played, the only question is whether or not we'll be able to see it at home. We're looking at you, CBC...

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