August 23 2016 09:52PM

We all have our favorites—and some of them play for different teams. An example: Vladimir Sabotka. The former Boston Bruins forward—whose rights currently belong to the St. Louis Blues—may or may not return to North America this fall. Some Blues observers are growing tired of the dance, and suggesting the team trade the veteran. If that does come to pass, the Edmonton Oilers should be very aggressive in attempts to acquire him.

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Oilers Lost - Part 2

August 23 2016 04:00PM

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I know I don't have to tell anyone here about what a long, dark slog it's been since the halcyon days of spring 2006. We've all dealt with it in our own ways; some of us drink to excess, while others have taken to screaming into the void that is Twitter. Local Edmonton comedy troupe Mostly Water Theatre has taken to writing hilarious sketches about the never-ending darkness that is Oiler fandom!

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Speaking Of... Team North America

Chris the Intern
August 23 2016 02:10PM


Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Connor McDavid will get to practice being captain for an NHL caliber team, when he leads Team North America to a World Cup Championship with the "C" on his chest. There, I said it. 

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Part of The Game

Matt Henderson
August 23 2016 09:00AM

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Two men stand facing each other, possibly with helmets off, adrenaline coursing through their bodies. Gloves hit the ice. Arms reach out. Hands grab onto something, anything. Fists fly for 30 seconds that feel like an eternity before linesmen step in. The crowd cheers louder. The two men skate to the penalty boxes after an obligatory pat on the back. Sticks are tapped along the boards in front of both benches. The game continues on. This is fighting in the NHL.

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Nation Night at Commonwealth

August 23 2016 07:00AM


My friends, today I am here to remind you about what could be the greatest night in Commonwealth Stadium history. Am I overselling this? Hell no. Eskimos games are a great time and they gave us our own section for Friday night's game against the Roughriders and I'm here to invite you all to join us.

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