The Edmonton Oilers without Connor McDavid on the ice

Christian Pagnani
November 30 2016 09:00AM

The Oilers rely a lot on Connor McDavid. That much isn't a secret. McDavid leads the team in ice-time and is fifth in the entire NHL for forwards, along with having a 12-point lead on the next highest scorer on his team. 

It’s safe to say McDavid is a massively important part of Edmonton’s team. But do they rely on him too much? Is there an actual good NHL team on the ice when he isn't? How do they compare to other top teams in the league in terms of reliance on their top centre? 

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Robin Brownlee
November 30 2016 07:00AM

Unless Ken Linseman was playing for your team, he was a dirty little %@$#^# so-and-so nicknamed The Rat who deserved to get his #%$&#% backside handed to him good and plenty, and the sooner the better. He was a miserable little $#*#~!@ cheap-shot guy loathed far and wide around the NHL. Shut your face, Linseman, you $%@^!#.

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GDB 24.0 Wrap Up: Oh was there a game tonight?

November 29 2016 10:01PM

Ugh. Final Score: 4-2 Leafs

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GDB 24.0: A Budding Rivalry?

Jason Gregor
November 29 2016 06:15PM

Game Day

(photoshop: @isuckatpicking)

In today's NHL it is rare to see any significant animosity or hatred carry over from game-to-game. We don't see line brawls, massive cheap shots or much extra curricular stuff during the games. Anything dirty would be caught on video, or if a player cheap shots someone and his teammate retaliates, usually the aggressor is suspended.

It is a different era of hockey. However, tonight's game against the Leafs carries a little extra motivation for the Oilers.

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November 29 2016 03:00PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 1.30.45 PM

Oh hello. It's your ol' pal Wanye here. Did you know I recently learned how to talk and I am now blabbing away on a weekly podcast with Edmonton Illuminati members Jason Gregor and Strudwick? It's true.

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