Robin Brownlee
October 20 2016 07:00AM

I’ve never had much time for players who make a point of crapping all over the organization they once played for and that signed their pay cheques the moment they get their ticket out of town, be their beefs and grievances real or imagined. 

Same thing for fans or those in the media who feel the need to take a heaping bowel movement on a player AFTER they’ve left town – especially when they never had the intestinal fortitude to do it when they had the chance to have their say while looking the player in the eye.

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October 19 2016 07:19PM

The Edmonton Oilers placed Mark Fayne on IR today and called up Ben Betker from the Bakersfield Condors. Betker in one of many lefties available, but Griffin Reinhart, David Musil, Jordan Oesterle, and Dillon Simpson would perhaps have been more logical additions based on merit and experience. What's up?

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WWYDW: Critical Thresholds and Jesse Puljujarvi

Jonathan Willis
October 19 2016 03:00PM


Jesse Puljujarvi was a healthy scratch for the Edmonton Oilers’ game last night against the Carolina Hurricanes, and has averaged just 10:51 in the three games he has played. In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask our readers to explain how they would handle the 18-year-old Finn if they ran the Oilers.

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October 19 2016 01:10PM

"You take two steps forward - I take two steps back." Oh Paula Abdul, you and that cartoon cat really capture the moment today around NationHQ. I always cheered for you two to get together, sometimes I wonder how your love story turned out so long ago.

Anywho - ever have that feeling where you swear you bought a hockey stats website but then you go to look at that hockey stats website and find it has been turned off? Yeah, I have that going on right now too.

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A NationGear and Violent Gentlemen Takeover: Winnipeg Edition

October 19 2016 11:00AM


The outdoor game is just around the corner, and that means we're making our way to Winnipeg with some fresh NationGear and our friends at Violent Gentlemen wanted to jump in the mix. Who doesn't love a pop-up shop featuring two of your favourite clothing lines? Long story short, your wardrobe is in line for an upgrade. 

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