Robin Brownlee
January 19 2017 12:00PM


(photo: Walter Tychnowicz - USA TODAY Sports)

Heaven knows, the odds of making it to the NHL are long enough without adding ignorance and racism to the pile of obstacles. Your country of origin, the colour of your skin or your ethnicity shouldn’t be factors in pursuing and maybe even realizing that dream -- any dream for that matter.

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NHLNotebook: McDavid and Draisaitl hit 100 career points, Eberle finally scores and TSN's trade bait list

Zach Laing
January 19 2017 11:16AM


The NHLN Notebook is a semi-regular feature of interesting hockey content from the past few days that doesn't quite deserve its own article.  

In this NHLNotebook, we look at McDavid becoming the third fastest Oiler to reach 100 points, Jordan Eberle finally getting the monkey off his back as well as a TSN Trade Bait list that is packed full of big names.

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Robin Brownlee
January 19 2017 07:00AM


I’ve already dropped Jordan Eberle several spots on this Top 100 list based on what he’s done, or hasn’t done, since the start of this season. As of this writing (Jan. 4) Eberle is a moving target who is trending down. By the end of the season, he could be even lower in the eyes of many fans or he could end up right back where I had him. I expect the latter.

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GDB 47.0 Wrap Up: Nice Kitty

January 18 2017 10:49PM

Kassian Goal

It may not have been prettiest game but a win is a win and the Oilers find themselves on a four-game winning streak. Final Score: 4-3 Oilers in OT

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WWYDW: Edmonton Oilers Trade Deadline Strategy

Jonathan Willis
January 18 2017 08:00PM


It’s the middle of January and the Edmonton Oilers are well-positioned to capture a playoff spot and perhaps even challenge for the division title in the Pacific. This opens up choices and possibilities to general manager Peter Chiarelli as the trade deadline nears—he could buy, sell or choose some sort of middle path.

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask our readers what they would do.

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