April 28 2016 05:40PM

Bob McKenzie of TSN is a central figure in the annual NHL Entry Draft. His list is the industry standard—hockey insiders tell the media insider exactly what they are thinking, and we get to have a sneak peak into what everyone is thinking. This year, there was an absence of Taylor vs. Tyler for the entire winter, but as the warmth of the sun hits Edmonton, we have an interesting twist to the 2016 plot.

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Thursday Trade Talk

Jason Gregor
April 28 2016 10:49AM

Eh? Ehhhh? He doesn't look half bad. 📸 from Scott Lewis. #Subban #Oilers #NHL

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Every Thursday we will discuss different trade scenarios. Today's topic is P.K Subban.

Why would the Canadiens even considering trading him? Could he make his way to Edmonton?

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I Want a Lottery Win and a Seat to Watch the World Burn

April 28 2016 09:00AM

With the draft lottery, and impending lottery party, coming up on Saturday I got to thinking about how badly I want the Oilers to win again. I want them to win so bad that it's starting to affect my life. I can't stop thinking about it, but probably not for the reasons you'd expect. 

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Robin Brownlee
April 28 2016 07:00AM


In an era when many people get a good chunk of their information from media outlets that seem as interested in celebrity as in actual news, Jarret Stoll has probably been as well-known these last few years for all the hot women’s he’s dated and for getting arrested for drug possession as he has for playing hockey.

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Condors Re-Sign Ryan Hamilton

Scott Zerr
April 27 2016 06:16PM

Ryan Hamilton returning to the Bakersfield Condors, and hence the Edmonton Oilers organization as a whole, is certainly the start of something.

But is it the beginning of a status-quo off-season for the AHL farm team or is it the launching point for a summer of signings?

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