Which Goalie is the best fit?

Jason Gregor
June 24 2015 10:50AM


I'm just about to board my plane to Florida. Couldn't sleep in the airport, so I'm regretting my red-eye flight decision even more now, but the good news is I'm able to share an interview I had regarding goalies.

Evaluating goalies is the most difficult managerial job in hockey. If you chart the success rate of scouts, analysts, media and fans' evaluations of goalies, compared to defence or forwards, it is significantly lower. I can't give an informed opinion on goalies, so I sat down with a guy who could: Kevin Woodley from the Goalie Magazine.

He has written some very insightful articles on goalies, and he shared his thoughts with me on Cam Talbot, Eddie Lack, Jacob Markstrom and Robin Lehner.

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Robin Brownlee
June 24 2015 09:00AM


Fans of the Edmonton Oilers will be fist-pumping until they need Tommy John surgery when GM Peter Chiarelli calls Connor McDavid’s name with the first overall pick at the NHL Entry Draft Friday, and rightfully so. That goes without saying.

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Countdown to the draft...

Jason Gregor
June 24 2015 07:33AM


I’m sitting in the Pearson airport in Toronto waiting for my connecting flight to Miami. As I ponder the idiocy of my decision to take the red-eye flight out of Edmonton to get to Florida sooner I’m listening to Toronto sports radio and reading the papers. Two months after the draft lottery people are still upset Connor McDavid is going to Edmonton. 

Some columnists and many fans believe that young McDavid’s path to NHL success and stardom should have started in Leafsland. I found this article from yesterday’s paper in the waiting area. I’ll admit I chuckled when I read it. Would it have been written if the Leafs won the lottery?

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Telegraphing Svechnikov

Matt Henderson
June 23 2015 08:38PM

One thing Oilers fans should be gearing up for is for the club to use their second, first round pick. Every year these picks are made “available” by GMs and we get our hopes up for a trade that doesn’t happen. Even though the Oil need NHL players today, we should be prepared for them to add another prospect. We should be ready for Evgeny Svechnikov.

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June 23 2015 07:12PM

The Edmonton Oilers spent a metric tonne worth of draft picks last decade on big wingers they hoped would turn into skilled men with size. Almost to a man, these kids were shy on offense, from Brad Winchester in 2000 through Cameron Abney in 2009. Now, with a new management group in place, will the Oilers 'fish where the fish are' and draft big forwards who are also skilled? Here's a look at some candidates.

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