January 21 2015 05:07PM

petry common33

At some point over the next several weeks, the Edmonton Oilers will probably send away Jeff Petry to the highest bidder. The trade deadline is a time for rentals but Petry is a player who has far greater value because of his youth and perceived future value. He has a lot of miles left and has put in his time learning the NHL game. A smart team could end up trading rental price for a useful defender over a long period (should he sign). One team that has shown an ability to make intelligent seasons over recent months: The Montreal Canadiens.

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WWYDW: The Long-Term Coach of the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
January 21 2015 11:15AM

Todd Nelson6

The Edmonton Oilers are just 5-9-2 since firing Dallas Eakins, but with Tuesday’s shootout win the club has improved to 5-4-2 since general manager Craig MacTavish went back upstairs and left the whole kit and caboodle in the hands of interim head coach Todd Nelson.

Is Nelson a long-term fit, or should the Oilers look to a veteran replacement this summer?

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Welcome To Edmonton Todd!

January 21 2015 09:14AM

JSBM caught up with Todd Nelson upon his arrival to Edmonton, and got his thoughts on becoming the 13th coach (to be fired) for the Edmonton Oilers. 

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GDB 47.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Capitals

January 20 2015 08:10PM


That game wound up being way better than I expected in the first period.  Final Score: 5-4 Oilers in the shootout. 

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GDB 47.0: The Last Days

Jonathan Willis
January 20 2015 01:05PM

Jeff Petry

We’re looking at the last days for a number of men currently wearing Oilers uniforms. The trade deadline exodus is an annual tradition for bad teams, and that means fans should try and enjoy their favourites now if there’s any danger of those favourites being shipped out of town.

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