Reinharting Another Draft Floor Deal

Matt Henderson
June 22 2016 01:30PM

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, or so the saying goes. It’s been paraphrased a few different ways, but the ultimate meaning is consistent: We are often placed in situations that have occurred similarly before and if we fail to learn from the mistakes and/or triumphs of those times then the outcomes aren’t going to be any different. As Edmonton approaches the draft this Friday there is a real danger of repeating its very recent past history.

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Robin Brownlee
June 22 2016 11:34AM


Peter Chiarelli was among the busiest GMs during his first go-round with the Edmonton Oilers at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe that will change at the 2016 edition of the draft in Buffalo.

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The 2016 Nation Award Winners

June 22 2016 09:00AM

You've waited all year and we've finally made it to the moment the entire Nation has been waiting for. Of course I'm talking about the second annual Nation Awards! What are the Nation Awards? Only the most prestigious and important award show of our generation, and no I'm not using hyperbole. 

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Nation Network Prospect Profile: #4 Pierre-Luc Dubois

Ryan Biech
June 22 2016 05:00AM

The number one ranked North American skater, Pierre-Luc Dubois is ranked fourth in our consensus 2016 NHL Entry Draft Rankings.

After spending the majority of the season ranked as the second best North American skater, Dubois leapfrogged Matthew Tkachuk and took over the number one spot after a fantastic and dominant second half to his season. That second half was with Dubois playing mostly centre, instead of his natural position of LW.

There are still questions around if Dubois can make the NHL as a centre, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that the Ste.-Agathe-des-Monts native is a fantastic prospect that can take over a game.

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Nation Network Prospect Profile #5: Matthew Tkachuk

Jeremy Davis
June 21 2016 10:00PM

Matthew Tkachuk

There's a whole lot to like about Matthew Tkachuk, son of former NHLer Keith Tkachuk. He's big, he's tough, he's got a great shot and impressive vision and playmaking ability. As the fifth ranked prospect on our list, he falls right into the wheelhouse of some Canadian teams, making the locals pay even closer attention.

But Tkachuk hasn't been without his detractors, and while you certainly can't claim that he isn't incredibly talented, there is a case to be made that his numbers have been inflated a bit because of who he spent the 2015-16 season playing with. Read on to find out more.

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