First Star, Worst Star: February 22, 2015

February 22 2015 12:53PM


Like sands through the hourglass, so is First Star, Worst Star. 

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February 22 2015 10:37AM

In our continuing look at AHL players who may be used as deadline trade assets, we come to the Atlantic. This is a strong division, led by a first-round goalie with a famous name and an emerging defenseman with a cannon shot.

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GDB 61.0 Wrap Up: Ducks @ Oilers

February 21 2015 07:43PM

After last night, that ELPH was pleasantly unexpected. Beers all around! Final Score: 2-1 Ducks.

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February 21 2015 11:25AM

We're now at the point in the season where individual games don't pack the potential punch of earlier games. Now, we've long since kissed the playoffs goodbye but we're also reaching the point where no one can catch the Oilers and the Oilers can't catch anyone (save the Big Smoke). What does that mean? For the Oilers, it means they're turning their roster into a thrift shop. For Oilers Nation: Have fun! Enjoy the wins, forget about the losses and for goodness sakes don't let this season depress you one moment more! Enjoy the warmth of the sun, your significant other in a spring dress, turn up the tunes and hope for a big :$. In the language of Nail, ))))))) !

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February 21 2015 09:00AM

oesterle ferguson 14-15

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Jordan Oesterle on Friday, the young defender's first trip to the NHL. Oesterle joins Mark Arcobello, Tanner House, Hunter Tremblay and Taylor Fedun as college free-agent Barons who showed well in Oklahoma City. Will he be the most successful of the group?

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