Skipping School

Matt Henderson
August 26 2015 08:00AM


We’ll keep calling it the McDavid factor until someone else comes up with something catchy. He’s been the catalyst for sweeping changes in Oil Country. Even before being drafted he was responsible for the end of the Glory Days Oilers in management and the turnaround in respectability that the Oilers experienced. He’s unquestionably the reason why the Oilers have 36 nationally televised games scheduled. He’s also the reason why the team is going to play its annual rookie match against the University of Alberta Golden Bears in Rexall Place for the very first (and last) time.

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August 25 2015 05:15PM

paigin capture

Call me crazy but I'll take it: The KHL season is underway and Oilers' prospect Ziyat Paigin got into action for AK Bars earlier today. Music! Skates, pucks, nets, yelling at referees, bad coffee, GOD I wish I'd been there.

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How Peter Chiarelli built his last Stanley Cup winner

Jonathan Willis
August 25 2015 02:00PM

Peter Chiarelli

Peter Chiarelli was hired as Boston Bruins general manager on May 26, 2006. On June 15, 2011, he hoisted the Stanley Cup, having successfully built the Bruins up from the NHL basement to the pinnacle of the sport.

Edmonton Oilers fans obviously hope that Chiarelli will do the same with his new team, and so it’s worth looking at exactly what he did the last time around.

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The Summer Workout Contest

August 25 2015 12:00PM


We're only weeks away from a new NHL season and I need to make sure you're all ready. This contest is to make sure you've been preparing yourself for another year of beer drinkin', angry tweetin', and general Oiler related shenanigans. I need to know that you've spent your summer wisely. My friends, I present you with the Summer Workout Contest.

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Yak To McDavid's Right

Matt Henderson
August 25 2015 08:00AM

As we inch slowly towards the beginning of the hockey season we are more and more often thinking about the beginning of young Connor McDavid’s NHL career. How are we going to protect him? Who will he live with? Who will he play with? These are the questions on our minds right now. Everybody and their dog has suggested McDavid should have Hall as his LW this fall. Fine. It’s as good a suggestion as any other. But I’m going to suggest a RW who isn’t getting that same kind of love, and at this point being dead serious about this makes me some kind of radical. I think Nail Yakupov should be his right winger.

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