July 19 2016 06:49PM

moroz musil williams

The Edmonton Oilers qualified defenseman David Musil on June 27, and he will likely sign a contract similar to Jordan Oesterle ($585,000, one year). Musil's entry-level deal—the one that just expired—held a cap hit of $894,166. Why would Musil take a cut in pay (should he play with Edmonton)? Comes the answer: To get to the NHL, and possibly stay there. Such is the developing salary gap between the haves and have-nots in today's NHL. 

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Speaking of... The Best and Worst NHL Jerseys

Chris the Intern
July 19 2016 02:59PM

A heated debate erupted at Nation HQ yesterday afternoon when Baggedmilk commented on how bad the Nashville Predators home jersey looked. I disagreed (I think he's crazy), and, personally, really like the gold/navy/yellow combination. Anyways, this turned into a long-winded conversation about how bad some jerseys in the NHL currently look, and how bad some have looked in the past. 

Now, I want to turn the debate over to you fine citizens. Through the power of this beautiful poll, I am curious about what the Nation feels is the best and worst looking jersey in the NHL.

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NHL and Analytics: Not as clear cut as we think

Jason Gregor
July 19 2016 12:44PM


Is the NHL opposed to analytics?

Not at all, but teams will not quantify their value equally all the time, just like pro and amateur scouts grade out players differently when they watch them.

The simple truth is analytics in hockey are not as clear cut as some want to believe.

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Robin Brownlee
July 19 2016 10:44AM

The two enduring images I have of Tommy Salo are as unflattering as can be. The first, pre-dating his six seasons with the Edmonton Oilers, is Salo taking an absolute butt-kicking while a member of the New York Islanders from Dan Cloutier. The second is the goal Salo allowed from a $5 cab ride away against Belarus while playing for Sweden in the 2002 Olympics.

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Monday Musings: Chiarelli overhauling Oilers

Jason Gregor
July 18 2016 02:33PM


Peter Chiarelli was named General Manager and President of Hockey Operations on April 24th, 2015. In just under 15 months on the job he has made significant changes to the roster and coaching staff. He hired Todd McLellan and an entire new staff, and he hasn't been afraid to make trades.

Whether you agree or disagree with the moves he's made, he has been true to his word about how he would re-shape the roster.

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