WWYDW: On the Bubble

August 17 2016 03:27PM

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As we get closer to training camp I started thinking about how the Oilers will fill out the bottom portions of the roster. Is every spot in the bottom six already locked up? If not, how many jobs are available? What about on D? I need you guys to break things down for me. 

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The #MiniChris Contest Finalists! ***WINNERS UPDATED***

August 17 2016 07:14AM


A couple weeks back, I asked you guys to print off your very own Mini Chris, take him out into the world, and send in the best pictures you could that featured your favourite tiny intern. As expected, you guys rose to the challenge and I got to spend the past couple weeks self chuckling at the thought of what you guys would come up with for the contest. 

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No changes to the goalie equipment this season? Except for pants, maybe

Chris the Intern
August 16 2016 02:19PM

In case you all forgot about this, there was a huge commotion earlier in the year about the NHL allegedly cutting down goaltending equipment size AGAIN. Cory Hirsch almost caused the internet to implode after his segment on Sportsnet about reducing equipment size (see video below). Since then, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, the Oilers traded Taylor Hall (GET OVER IT!), Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination, and the World Cup jerseys were released. 

I, personally, forgot all about the goalie equipment mumbo jumbo, and apparently so did the NHL. 

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Robin Brownlee
August 16 2016 09:00AM

“That’s what dads do – they pass the best of themselves on to their kids.” – former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason, who is battling ALS, to his newborn son, Rivers.

There are many moments in the film Gleason that will grab your heart, but it’s that line that has stuck with me every day since I first watched the trailer a week or so ago. There are lots of reasons for that. ALS is fatal. There is no cure. Gleason’s diagnosis came just after he and his wife found out they’d be having a son. Gleason is running out of time, so he decided to chronicle his last years for his son -- an act of love that won't be understood until long after he's gone. That's the subject of the film. It's heart-breaking stuff.

Then, there’s my circumstances and background when it comes to fatherhood. Let me boil 10,000 words into a few. I grew up without a dad. My parents were teenagers when I was born and I was given up for adoption. My adoptive parents were divorced when I was three. I had no contact with my adoptive dad between then and when he passed away 11 years later. I was 14. Stay with me here . . . 

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Depth Through the Third Line

Matt Henderson
August 16 2016 07:00AM

Every once in a while it’s important to reset, to go back to the beginning and see how far we’ve come. Peter Chiarelli has been hard at work changing the Oilers to fit his image of an NHL club. I haven’t been on board with a number of Chiarelli’s moves throughout his still short stint as Oiler general manager. As an example, I doubt I’ll ever be fully comfortable with the price he paid to acquire the duo of Reinhart and Larsson. I don’t have to. It’s not a requirement for this job. However, if we focus on the mantra of “Balance and Depth” then it’s hard not to see improvement overall and specifically in the bottom six.

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